Revenge of the Ingrown Toenail

Last night I spent hours googling ingrown toenail rememdies. Yup. I have another ingrown toenail. It gets better–it’s the same toe that the doctor lanced on a month ago. Same cuticle.

Turns out once you get one, you are prone to more.

I wasn’t going to get a pus pocket again. Nope. So I googled all the remedies. Soaking, prying the nail up and away from the nail bed, etc.

Last night, I managed to pry the center of the nail away from the cuticle. It was growing into the skin under my toenail. But the right cuticle was puffy and red.

So I put antibiotic cream on it, wrapped it up and went to bed.

This morning the corner of the toe is super sensitive. Extremely painful. So I shower and decide to try to pry the corner of the nail away from the cuticle with a sterilized flat metal rounded tool.

This is wicked painful. However, I manage to pull the skin back enough and gently probe under the nail. A spear shaped piece of nail pops out of my skin.

I don’t know if I should clip it or let it grow out. So I made sure it’s clear of the cuticle and then spread lots of antibiotic cream around it. Then I bandage it.  Gotta say the pain relief was near instant.

I could barely stand on it. Now I can walk okay again. Going to watch it a couple days and call a Podiatrist to see if I can get in before the holiday.

So be warned, ingrown toenails come back. The key is to gently pry the nail away from the skin without harming the skin. Hope it prevents an infection. Otherwise, it’s 2 more blessed weeks on antibiotics.

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2 Responses to Revenge of the Ingrown Toenail

  1. berry says:

    You sure get the strangest ailments. They don’t go away. You need to get out more. Did you get an appointment. Seriously you have to take care of toenail stuff ASAP. Nothing to fool with.

    • I guess it’s life’s way of teaching me stuff. I got an appointment for Wednesday. Just have to keep soaking my toe and putting ointment on it. I lived decades without ever experiencing an ingrown toenail. I guess I was due. 🙁

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