I’m On The Road to….

Do you ever have these moments where you are baccarat crystal clear about one fact and one fact only?

I know I’m doing something I love. That’s it.

Don’t know if I’m good at it. Don’t know if I’ll ever make anything of it. Don’t know if anyone will ever care.

But on I’m on the road to somewhere.

Having no idea if anyone will ever read my books. The possibility that I’ll be dust in an urn before someone looks at my manuscript and thinks wow.

It really bothers me. The idea that I am nothing.

But now I’m thinking, maybe that is what we run so hard and fast from. Spending a lifetime pointing to achievements to prove we matter.

Maybe if we just accept that we are inconsequential. Maybe then we have the chance at greatness.

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6 Responses to I’m On The Road to….

  1. Marc Schuster says:

    I think your last point is a good one! I’m most content when I’m living in the moment, working on something for the sake of working on it, not for the sake of leaving behind a legacy or trying to prove I matter.

  2. berry says:

    Do you really think so. I’m not sure.

    • I think I’d be happier with my writing career if I moved forward with that assumption. I think rejection would disturb me less if I could take ego out of the equation. If no one’s opinion mattered and I just focused on writing the best book I am capable of writing. Instead of being hung up on hurt and feelings of failure. 🙂

  3. berry says:

    Just get in the vehicle of life and drive. Wherever it takes you that’s where you belong.

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