Day of Our Lives–Pacing Problems

Dears Writers of Days of Our Lives,

You wrote a riveting two day storyline with kidnapping, kissing, and everything we love on soaps. On a Thursday and Friday?! What are you thinking, wrapping up a cliffhanger ending on a Friday. Now, no one needs to tune in on Monday. Serious amateur mistake.

And why would you spend 2 entire episodes on your best story and then go back to all your boring long winded plots on Monday? Here’s another thought, plot weaving. Remember what that is?!

I’m scratching my head here. Do you remember how to write a soap opera? You have to have one juicy storyline to keep me watching and then a  minor and major filler storyline. But that let’s you take your time with the juicy storyline.

You should have let Melanie and Chad spend a couple weeks in captivity. Maybe even succumbing to their passions. Abigail could have gotten taken later when Jack thought she was safe. Then we could have had Jack derailing with post traumatic stress over the threat to his daughter. Jennifer trying to console her ex and her current boyfriend. Stefano on a rampage over his son.

Will and Sonny could have had a coming out moment too.

So many many fun moments. Missed out on.

You drag out the storyline about the mayoral race, which trust me is not worth it. And John Black’s court case–BOOOOORING. But this fun storyline that could have entertained for weeks wraps up in two measly days.


And while I’m complaining, please please please stop dropping characters and storylines in mid plot. Even if you decide to scratch a story. Wrap it up for the watcher.

Someone needs to rewatch episodes from the 90s to remember what makes a soap opera work.

Okay DOOL’s vent over.

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4 Responses to Day of Our Lives–Pacing Problems

  1. berry says:

    Couldn’t be better said. I’m ready to watch talk shows instead. This is poor writing and inconsistent plotting. They need u! Badly. You have good ideas.

    • Thanks! I still cling to my soap operas. But I miss the bygone era of Santa Barbara and Another World. Sigh. I grew up watching soaps. I wish they’d just remember what made them so good realize it’s the elements of any good story. Conflict, good plotting, proper pacing, and fun characters.

  2. Lucas says:

    I agree, its tough to stay on board when lots of screen time is spent on a dull storyline and then you are left hoping for scenes of that one storyline you really love. I spent so many years watching soaps too and miss their glory. Back in the day they were almost like real people to me becuase I was so involved in their stories. I definitely crafted how I acted in many real-life situations based on similar situations I had seen characters play out in soaps.

    • At least back in the day, the writers knew how to have the hot hot storyline interweave with the okay storyline and the blah storyline. Now it’s two episodes of absolute excitement with three weeks of so-so episodes before and two weeks of okay stuff afterwards. Even when they were completely over the top, soaps were fun to watch. Now as they scramble for viewers, they seem to have lost touch with what made them successful. 🙁 They were like friends you hung out with everyday for me. That had to make for some exciting real life moments. 🙂

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