5 Signs You’ve Got a Stomach Virus

  1. You run to the bathroom multiple times in a row
  2. Your stomach feels full and when you eat you suddenly find yourself praying you don’t vomit
  3. Your body aches…every joint
  4. You get bone chilled and cannot warm up with three blankets, followed by hours of sweating and feeling like your muscles are melting
  5. The headache. It’s knives stabbing in both sides of my brain, it’s throbbing in my sinuses, it’s aching in my teeth. Leaves me wincing even when I lie still for hours and hours.

The symptoms come on over a 3-5 day period. Still waiting to get my normal stomach back. Ugh.

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2 Responses to 5 Signs You’ve Got a Stomach Virus

  1. berry says:

    Have it too. Gross. Just feel lousy. Even food seems gross. Tv no help. Nothing right. Uggh.

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