Things I Never Thought I’d Do in My 30s


  • Wear the same clothes two days in a row without being out all night or crashing at someone else’s house.
  • Prefer cable TV to clubbing/going out with friends
  • Be okay with not following trends. Yeah, I like my bootcut jeans and I’m sticking with them
  • Think all the new music sounds like something I heard before
  • Prefer my dog to most people
  • Fall out of love with love
  • Not fret over my hair being crazy
  • Go out with my underwear inside out because I just wasn’t paying attention when I got dressed
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6 Responses to Things I Never Thought I’d Do in My 30s

  1. Marc Schuster says:

    Does this mean that bootcut jeans aren’t trendy anymore?

  2. berry says:

    Sounds good to me. Nothing wrong with any of it at any age.

    Lol. Enjoy life.

  3. Nick says:

    OMG how old am I really?! LOL I mean my birth certificate says I’m in my mid-twenties, but pretty much everything on your list also applies to me and it’s been like that for years already 😀

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