It’s Snowed in October in CT

I can’t believe it snowed last night.

We never got around to fall here in CT.

We had this long-winded Indian summer that flared through all of September and most of October. Last week, it started dropping into the 60s and 50s.

Last night, snow on our lawn.

Mind you the trees never committed to fall foliage. Instead, we got these brownish-orange leaves and other muted colors. Barely a shade of red anywhere. No real orange. Tentative yellow at best.

And now snow.

I thought the whole point of living in New England was the four seasons.

If mother nature is going to hoard fall, I might as well move back to San Diego. At least there I could walk the beach on my birthday in November.

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4 Responses to It’s Snowed in October in CT

  1. berry says:

    Wait til Sat. Ten inches or more. Noreaster. Power outages. Happy Halloween. Tricked or treated.

  2. Oh that’s too bad. Ten inches of snow, alone and celebrating birthday is depressing.

    • Ten inches of snow stinks in October. I want a full fall season and not just new tv shows. I have plans with family and friends bday week so i’m not alone.:) Just wish we had crisp fall weather.

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