Amici’s–Restaurant Review

Linds, John and I went to Amici’s Italian Grill in Middletown last week. One of my best CT dinners to date.

We started with drinks.  I had my standard rum and diet coke. Linds got the Almond Joy Martini. It’s her favorite.

We also shared the stuffed mushrooms, which were so good I forgot to take a picture. 4 ginormous mushroom caps stuffed with yumminess.

The bread btw is like garlic bread and you smear the cooked garlic clove on it.

For entrees, Linds got the spaghetti bolognese:

I had a bite. It was meaty and delicious.

I got the caprino chicken

The chicken was in a sherry sauce with mozzarella and sundried tomatoes on top. Flavorful. The mashed potatoes were properly chunky and flavorful.

and John got this veal dish that is inpronouncible. 😛

John’s veal and pepper dish was a hearty masterpiece. The veal was tender and tasty.

For dessert, I got the special but they ran out of blondie and made it with chocolate brownie. Think moisty chewy brownie. So delish. I even let Linds and John have a taste.

This is one of Linds and Jonh’s favorite restaurants in CT. I’m so glad they shared it with me. I definitely want to go back again!

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