50/50 Movie Review

A must see movie of 2011.

It proves how humor can help you through the bleakest of situations.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is brilliant as the 27-year-old who goes to the doctor for a back ache and finds out he has a rare type of cancer. His performance is Oscar necessary. From the emotionally distant “I’m fine” to the epic meltdown in the car, his acting is completely genuine and endearingly beautiful.

Seth Rogen is a dream casting as the best friend who tries to help and sometimes succeeds. He provides the perfect foil to Gordon-Levitt.

Bryce Dallas Howard channels a self absorbed artist–a character you enjoy hating.

Angelica Houston is convincing as the smothering mother who desperately wants to help but pushes too much.

Anna Kendrick delivers as the awkward PhD student therapist who desperately wants to help. I wanted to hug her.

Stellar cast, stellar script, stellar movie.

And despite the weightiness of the topic, I giggled, guffawed, and nearly sprayed soda during many scenes in the movie. Of course, there was a tear jerker moment, but all in all it was a well executed, wonderful spin on a serious topic.

Made me want to buy the book.

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  1. berry says:

    Is movie critic in your plans. Great job. Want to see it.

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