London to New York: Jet Lag Strikes

Saying goodbye to OL guts me. Especially after a long span of time together. Even on skype the goodbye scrapes across the roof of my mouth. I get this horrible feeling like I’ll never see him again.

Usually, I go immerse myself in Emerson or mom to counteract the depressiveness.

I guess that’s what happens when you really love people. Their absence becomes the worst pain. At least for me.

So this AM, I’ve been up since 3 am btw. But who’s counting. It’s only 11am now. I gotta be up another 18 hours before I get to NYC. Lol.

Hope I sleep on plane. Sleep cycle all screwed up.

Days Inn has been surprisingly good to me. Despite having the handicap access room with the tiniest sink in the world.

The hotel staff are really impeccable and go the distance. I explained I’m cash poor and they helped me book taxi with credit card and also do late checkout and have English breakfast in hotel dining room. Very nice. Filling. Scrambled eggs with cream–very light. Coffee and OJ. Sausage,tomato, bacon, baked beans, croissants and muffins.

Ate my fill at 8am.

Chatted with hotel worker, Magda, about my trip. It really was an epic adventure. Wish I wasn’t  so exhausted, forgot to get pics from OL’s camera.

I finished reading Ally Carter’s Uncommon Criminals. Quite a good follow up to the series. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Now on to watching BBC shows. Trying not to run down iPad too much.

Had lunch at hotel. Chatted with Magda. Cool girl from Romania living in London. She really brightened up my day. The hotel staff are the nicest people I met traveling.

Had Chicken Korma. Then waited for cab. Cab to airport. At airport jet lag diarrhea kicks in. Ugh I hate using public toilets for #2.

Then I check into flight. Which is Ofc overbooked. Continental is so stupid. I get my aisle seat. Then go through security. And to gate. Gate is way the fuck out. Gate 23. Took forever to get there. Then I get another bout of diarrhea. Ofc teen girls in bathroom chatting about hair. And all I want is some privacy.

They leave when it gets noisy. Thank God. So embarrassing. Then I have to walk back to main terminal to pharmacy. I get stuck behind stupid stewardess who is all chatty Cathy waxing on and on about Sevens makeup. She talks about being stuck in Edinburgh during Hurricane Irene. I can see the Pepto behind the counter. So close. I need it.

But she keep chatting and register worker is sooooo slow.

I want to twist her neck until she stops talking.

Mind you I’m shaking sweaty and feel ready to pass out from jet lag.

She turns to me and says, Don’t you just love Sevens.

I’m like I don’t know what that means.

She’s all are you American? Like it’s the worst thing in the world.

Yes, I say. And I just want some pepto, I add.

She says oh you’re sick.

I say yes.

She says, Get Immodium.

I can’t take it, I say.

She says what flight are you on.

To Newark, I say.

She’s all deathmarchy voice, That’s my flight.

I say, It’s jet lag I’ll be fine.

Then I get Pepto. Take the bottle to the bathroom adn swig it. But there are only 4 servings in the bottle and I face an 8 or so hour flight. I go back to the pharmacy and buy tablets to eat on plane.

Then I walk back to terminal. Chew more tablets. Finally diarrhea passes.

Board plane. Sit on tarmac for an hour. Then wait to take off for another 45 mins.

Watch Tropical Thunder. Hysterical. Take nap during movie. Watch Scream 4. Pretty good. Ending kinda stupid though. Also napped during this movie. Overplayed.

Watched The Office and Big Bang Theory.   Nap a bit more. 7.5 hour flight. Touched down in NYC at 9pm. Go through immigration and customs. Easy peezy. Get to car and ride to A’s apt. Crash at 11:30pm.

I’m back in the USA!

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2 Responses to London to New York: Jet Lag Strikes

  1. berry says:

    Yea. U didn’t literally crash right. Glad trip over. And u r here. Get cracking on book.

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