The Journey Eastward–Hong Kong back to London

We wokeup at 8:45. Went to the HK cafe nearby for Bfast. I got porridge and French toast. And the worst bitterest coffee ever made. Two sugars couldn’t help.

OL got ginormous toast with jelly. And the bitterest tea. Couldn’t even sip it.

Went back to room. It was a great hotel in terms of newness and cleanliness.

And a big bed. But service was only okay. Not Cosmo level.

Went to lobby to check out and  to wait for shuttle bus to airport. Ride to airport went smoothly.

Get to check-in.

Problem. Guy takes forever with tickets. First gives us two together. Then rips them up and says none together we both have middle seats. I’m a row behind OL.

A middle seat on 13-hour flight when I have my period is Nightmare on Elm Street bad for me. I didn’t even anticipate this could happen.

So I’m freaking out. First off I’ll be stuck in a middle seat. Secondly, our last plane ride we’ll be separated. I can’t. I just can’t.

We go through immigration. They opened up more lanes and it went quick. No scanning of my body or pat down ala mainland.

But I can’t shop. Even think of shopping. I’m too upset.

Plus my back pack weighs a ton. So we take shuttle train to our gate. 67. I know cause I asked OL a million times enroute.

I want to get a sandwich in case feeding is slow on plane. Ofc, we see a sandwich place with all these vegetarian sandwichs. I go on a rant about how vegetarians are the minority why do we have a fucking sandwich shop devoted to them.

I get a pastrami and cheese sandwich at Starbucks, eating it I start to cry.  I realize my last few hours with OL we’ll be separated. I’m so sad. Because I’ve been so sick the past week and so hard to be around and i got so frustrated and short tempered with him.

And now we are saying goodbye and I don’t know when I’ll see him again. If. If. And the emotions come so hard. I can’t just push them down and sit on the luggage to close it away.

So I start crying at the airport gate. OL reminds me that the checkin guy said we could ask the gate agent to move our seats.

But I’m doubtful that can happen. So I cry. Poor OL just holds my hand until I calm down. Then I go pee and cry in the bathroom. Then again at the gate. I’m a mess.

Luckily, a gate agent appears and we rush up. He’s able to put us together and give me an aisle. Thank god! We sit down and wait.

Boarding begins at 2:15 pm. We are seat 54b and c. Oh and I’m Mr. Heintz on my ticket. Lol.

But we have the emergency exit seats which means tons of leg room.

Take off takes a bit of time. But then we are in the air. We have monitors that swing up to watch, and the tray table comes out of the arm rest.

Cathay Pacific is the best airline to fly long distance. This time no double decker plane. But they give us a menu. OL gets vegetarian and I get diabetic meal.

Then they put out snacks later–cookies, crackers, peanuts, and chocolate marshmallow bars.

I watch a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Then OL and I watch Insidious. Slow start but a pretty good horror movie. I jumped almost screamed and grabbed OL repeatedly.

Then we watched Hanna. It sucked. Too artsy. Was it a coming of age story or an assassin movie? Idk. Nothing really made sense or tied up. Confusing as hell.

So I went back to How I Met Your Mother. Hitting 7.5 hour of flying. Should sleep but can’t. Time is all mixed up.  Eyes are sore and tired.

Meditate Maybe?

I forgot to mention there is this mentally handicapped girl on the flight who is very friendly making her rounds to talk to stewardesses and random people.

During one of my trips to the bathroom, OL gets up to stretch. Suddenly someone grabs his arm and says, “Sir, my granny died. And there’s nothing I can do.”

It’s the girl. OL swallows and says “Sorry”. He hates when anyone talks to him. Luckily the mom sees and comes to get her daughter, who also tells OL, “My feet hurt.”

At one point, when I’m watching How I Met Your Mother, she comes to me and says, “want some cake? It’s free.”

I shake my head. Still watching my show. I’m so not up for talking to a stranger.

We also have a male flight attendant who OL swears just stepped out of a Disney movie. His hair bounces when he talks and he seems to be full of fairy dust and good cheer. OL calls him the smurf. His head is way too big for his body.

They put out great snacks. Crackers. Peanuts. Tim Tom bars like a

S’more candy bar.

Watched tons of tv. Tried meditating. Didn’t sleep until landing. Passed out for twenty minutes.

Then deplane. Immigration is hell. There are three officers for non EU passports. Two more service the fast track line, which cuts the rest of us.

It took an hour to get through the line. Poor OL had to wait for Me. The immigration officer just asks how long in country and I say 1 day then fly back to US.

That’s it no follow up questions. Guess the other immigration officer was just on a serious power trip.

Get luggage and pee. Then go to taxi line. Get chatty Cathy taxi driver. Wants to know why picked Days Inn. I said because cheap. Ugh. So annoying. Wants to know where we were in Hong Kong. I’m too tired for Q&A.

Traffic gridlock. Takes half hour to get to hotel. He can’t find it. OL and I do. Drops us off and it’s 30 pounds. Almost all my cash.

Check in is super smooth at the Days Inn Houndslow. She is very professional and fast. Answers all our questions. We go to room 402. Did I mention got phenomenal migraine in immigration line. So now having hot flashes from my migraine medication. And the a/c not working in room.

Call front desk she reboots it and says will take 20 minutes. So OL and I go to lobby to check in for flights. The wireless is great here. OL runs up to get flash drive to print boarding pass. Room still hot.

They switch us to 302. It’s now 11:30 London time and 6:30 am hong kong time. I feel like I’ll fall over.

We go upstairs to new room. Did I mention they put us in the handicap access room? So this is our bathroom.


When I tried to brush my teeth, I missed the sink for spitting. Because it was so freaking tiny.

The room itself was big enough and had a nice flat screen tv.

I shower and OL crashes. But never sleeps. I wake up with leg cramp charlie horse at  1:30am. We chat around 3 til OL leaves at 5.

I may go visit him in Austria at some point. I need the possibility of seeing someone again, even though I have it, I still cry my eyes out when he leaves, mucus is very yellow again in sinuses and throat.

Now I’m watching some word show at 5:31 am. Don’t think I can sleep but I’ll try in a bit.

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