Hong Kong Chill Day

Slept in today in our king size bed. Ofc, OL stole the covers during the night leaving me half uncovered.

Forced me to shift to the middle of the bed, where he shoved me back to my side. Lol.

Motivated at 11am. Went to the HK cafe beside the hotel for breakfast. The place seems very popular. Our wonderful waiter wasn’t there so we had to go it alone with the menu.

They had French toast and some sort of egg dish. So I ordered the egg dish by pointing and she said egg sandwich. Then I pointed at French toast and she said porridge. I was like French toast. She nodded.

OL had a sour spicy rice noodle soup dish.

Imagine my surprise when a bowl of porridge arrived. Then a deep fried French toast that turned out to be a French toast style peanut butter sandwich.


Then the egg sandwich came. Warm and yummie. A lot of food to eat though.

We came back to the hotel and interneted. Turns out trains aren’t running to CT from NYC this week. Mom tells Me via email. Suggest a limo perhaps? Lol. I got two days of  flights to worry about. The last leg from NYC to CT is the least of my concerns.

So we chill in room.Here’s the view during the day.

The at 2:00 we head over to cinema to watch Final Destination 5 in 3-D. Good thing we watched 4 when in shanghai and discovered we are  both huge fans of FD.

It was a no one under 18 category III movie in HK. I was like wow. We reserve nc17 for serious hardcore movies.

But let me tell you that kind of gory in  3-D requires  this rating. So much gore.  But so cool to see. Intestine knotting gore.

The ending was absolutely satiating and sets the entire series up in a new light. Very cool.

All I will say is never ever will I go for LASIK.

Wandered around hotel and mall. Then came to room. Interneted.

Went to check out rooftop and got locked out. BTW, underwhelming.

Then to room to watch this unbelievable story on Nat Geo adventure about a guy who was wrongfully imprisoned for years in Indonesia on drug charges. The guy fakes mental illness then tries to escape mental hospital and ends up with the psychotics trying to eat him. Then back to jail. Tries to escape disguised as a woman but has moustache and no razor. He’s caught by prison guard who’s moonlighting as buddha seller on beach. Back to jail.Then stabbed and pronounced dead but still alive. Then get out two years later.

Insane. Every time we thought show would wrap up it continued.

Then went to the cafe again. I got chicken in white sauce with rice. And beef satay bun.

OL got beef rice dish. None were that good. Beef is very chewy and fatty. Chicken was supposed to be shredded but was chunks with skin on it.

We came home and watched shows on Maldives.

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  1. berry says:

    My ur almost home. Horray.

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