Air India from Seoul to Hong Kong

We wake at 8:45 for breakfast. Breakfast room gets crowded up. Will miss the fiestily efficient breakfast lady. Too scared to snap a pic though. J

We go back to room to finish packing. Come down at 10:15 to checkout. Very quick. And our cab driver is waiting for us. Our cab has leather cushioned ceiling.

Wow. It’s 75k won since I will pay by credit card. Thank goodness they take them.

Cab ride is nice. A bit hot. OL suggests i say something to cab driver. But the guidebooks all say cab drivers don’t speak English. So I don’t. Ofc, OL has to prove me wrong, so he asks the cab driver to turn up ac. After cab driver does it, OL goes see it pays to ask.


Anyway, cab ride is uneventful. Notice foggy/smog and increased humidity. Perfect time to leave. Upside, my cold seems to be improving. Downside heel crack keeps reopening as do cracks in corner of mouth.

We get to airport at 11:00. Air India check-in for our flight doesn’t open until 11:45. We wait. I go pee. Bathrooms are immaculate. I love Seoul Incheon airport. Scope out place to exchange money. Go exchange money while OL waits for check-in to open.

Check-in goes smoothly. People respect the queue here. We are asked to wait 5 minutes for bags to clear. While waiting someone with questionnaire asks where we are from I say America. She walks away.

Another girl comes by later. OL makes mistake of saying Austria. She asks him to fill out tourist questionnaire. I don’t mind until he starts filling it out. It’s seven damn pages long. This is reediculous. One page is okay. Two is pushing it. Seven you’re a nutcase.

People queue up properly again. We go to security. I take off sneakers. Security person tells me to put them back on. Shit. Double knotted. I say that will take a couple minutes and untie and loosen and slide feet in. Then go through security. No wanding necessary.

Meet OL in customs line. Very quickly go through. I see a cultural center/gift shop. We go in. Everything is 100k won $100US) and up. Ouch. Continue onward and I see a souvenir shop and drag OL over. It takes credit cards and is in US denominations. Great. We find a peacock mother of pearl box and I buy it for $45.

Then I get a Starbucks sandwich ham and moz cheese. OL says there will be food on plane. Something tells me to eat lunch anyway.

We then head to the train to our concourse gate 126. Everyone is rushing off the escalator to catch the train.  I can’t be bothered to run. Plus it’s super crowded since the train didn’t pull up and the first car is 100-200 feet behind the escalator I just got off.

We wait for next one. It runs every 5 mins. Luckily, I realize the sign says train other side and we rush across to catch the train.

Our concourse requires 3 escalators to main level. But it has a freaking museum in it. Wow. So lovely.

We go to gate 126. I stop and buy us water on the way.

Then i sit down and eat my lunch.

Those are olives in the bread. Sandwich has a bit of spicy in it. Ofc Korea.  I also have some crackers and some cookies. Then I go down the terminal a bit and find a dunkin donuts where I get a mocha coffee roll. Yummie.

Satiated. Wait for plane to board. It boards at 1:30. Very orderly boarding. Nice. Except as we get to plane our bags are searched again. And our water bottles are confiscated. Wtf?! OL’s isn’t even open. He says I just bought it here. Guy asks for receipt. Why the hell would I save a 2$ receipt for water unless told to do so. This is really extreme. Especially since I’m sick and dehydrate super easily. Fuckingstupid.

And if this is a new requirement they should tell people when they buy the fucking water to keep the fucking receipt. Absolutely tyrannical. What does this do? what does this prevent? Absolutely nothing.

Anyway, we board plane, and the faint scent of curry wafts over us. The seats are very wide and comfy in economy. The floor is carpeted. My tv Ofc is not working. I figure it’s good time to catch up on blog and reading.

Four Cantonese speakers are across the aisle from me. Two thought they were training for gymnastics from the way they climbed on their seats to load over 8 bags into overhead compartment. Redick.

They also talked incessantly while we waited to take off. Ugh.

It’s 3:20 and all they have served is black pepper peanuts and one cup of water. Guess we aren’t getting lunch. Maybe dinner later.

They fed us lunch at 4. We had chicken curry with green beans and basmati rice. Yummie. But lips burning. Yogurt cooled mouth down. Then roll. OL’s roll. And some rice pudding thing.

Lips split again. I can’t believe they confiscated my water. Wth?!

My tv never worked. Read a lot. Blogged.

Then the flight attendants hand out our arrival and departure cards. Dumbass gave me a daparture card when I’m arriving in HK. I have to ask twice for the arrival card before I am given one. Jesus. And the male flight attendants were so rude.

Arrived and those who stayed on plane went onward to Delhi. We got off. Walked through temperature scanners. We were okay. Then immigration. Long line.two agents.ugh. Guy in front of me chats me up. He came from Seoul too. Spending a semester abroad in HK. Studying finance. We all agree immigration better in Seoul. Nicer and faster.

OL and I get through immigration and get our bags.

Have disagreement and then find kiosk for hotel shuttle bus. Half hour wait for shuttle. Loads our suitcases into front seats of shuttle van. Ride takes 1 HR to hotel.

Raining. 35 Celsius and humid. Dropped off at hotel. Nice looking but far away from city.

Check in goes quick at the Harbour Plaza Resort City. Get smallest room on15th floor. Corner room with extra windows but tiny.

The bathroom is pretty tight quarters too.

This bothers me because all reviews for the hotel talk about the huge rooms for Hong Kong and this is smaller than the room we had in WanChai at the Cosmopolitan which is located right in the center of Hong Kong. And we are an hour from Hong Kong Island and 45 minutes from Kowloon. In the boondocks f Hong Kong.

At least the room is non smoking. Thank goodness.

King size bed dominates the room. We barely have room to move around. Ugh.

Wander around area. Find nice cafe, Taste Cafe, nearby and wonderful waiter who translated Chinese menu for us. Super helpful so we leave tip. I have beef and flat noodles. OL has red curry with chicken. I also get satay chicken.

I also had a delish coconut drink with tapioca balls

Walk around, clown around in mall. Get more socks. Then head back to hotel. Email in lobby on free wifi and exhausted.

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