Chill Day in Seoul

We decide to sleep in. Thank god. I’m worn out. Sick and exhausted. Everything is breaking down. My heel split open and bled yesterday. Hurts to walk much on it. The corners of my mouth keep recracking. Mucus pours from my nose all day and night. I’m halfway through a box of tissues I bought three days ago. I’m done. I feel like the crack whore from Mexico we watched on the Discovery Channel.

We get up at 11:30. I have a raging sinus headache. It hurts to stand. It hurts to change position. Go to sandwich place nearby. It’s closed on Sunday. So we walk to Pomato. I have dukmandoguk soup and OL has udon.

I want a bao from b1 of Shinsegae. We walk over.

They lovely bao lady asks if I want spicy or not spicy. I say no spicy. They are ginormous. Pork and veggie filled. I get two.

She wraps them up and I hand them to OL. Cause he’s always cold and they are steaming hot. And I hate carrying stuff and he indulges me. He wants Mochi ice cream so we go over there.  He gets 3 chocolate banana. I get an azuki, chocolate banana and orange cream. But that’s only after I try to get two others that were both sold out. Lol.

We walk back to room. Watch Discovery Channel. I eat bao

and finish off Gatorade. Then have Mochi. There’s nothing like eating in bed when you’re sick and in a nice hotel. OL gets chocolate powder all over sheets. The white sheets. So Ofc he has to bend and contort so he can blow the brown powder off the bed. Hysterical.

Mochi btw is a japanese dessert/treat with a chewie rice flour outside and an inside filled with ice cream/cream/sweet filling.

Kingsbury Grillz has taken to molesting OL. This entertains me for hours. I named my Harrod’s British flag Teddy Kingsbury after our first hotel in London. OL added the Grillz from Bear Grylls the Discovery Channel explorer but added a tougher z. He also made Kingsbury Grillz  a pervert back in Shanghai. So now I torture him with Kingsbury Grillz.

I pass out for 2-3 hours. Wake up cranky. So tired of being sick. Its been like seven days straight now.

Wake up at again at 5 pm. Hang in room. Then decide I want to try the pancake we saw in Namdaemun market. So we walk down. It’s delicious. Got red bean and sunflower seeds. Yummieliciousness.

We walk back to hotel, stopping at newly opened tea shop for tea to go. Head back to room and get asked to leave so they can clean it. Internet in lobby and tea sipping time. Back to room for the great dinner debate. We’ve done Pomato a lot. So I decide go back to food garden at Shinsegae as our last meal in Korea.

I get omelet with rice and pork cutlet. OL gets chicken and rice dish. I get cinnamon roll at Starbucks and he offers to warm it up. Delish.

We walk out to roof top garden and enjoy our last view of Seoul at night. Such a pretty and clean city. Our savior. We love you Seoul. You were kind and welcoming. You were clean and well mannered. We’ll miss you!

Back to hotel to pack for tomorrow’s flight to HK. Watch discovery channel show on Asian horror movies. Kinda interesting

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2 Responses to Chill Day in Seoul

  1. berry says:

    Can’t believe its over. Wow. Seoul sounds great. China not so much. Glad ur getting home. You certainly had adventure. Lots to write about. How’s the book coming. Any luck yet?

    • LOL. Not quite. I still have two days in Hong Kong, then a night in London, then a night in NYC before I get back to CT. But the siteseeing is definitely wrapped up. Many many adventures. I finished my second novel before I left for the trip. I’ve been querying it since I returned. Started drafting my third book and am 20K words into it. The first and second manuscript are out to agents, but no offer of representation yet.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?