Post Office, Jogyesa Temple, Buddhist Cultural Street, Insadong, and Pomato

Today got up for breakfast at 9 because we had errands to run. Planned to go to bank, but it was closed. Then went to post office to mail souvenirs home.

Postal worker was polite and helpful. Didn’t speak much English but did her absolute best.

Surface takes 3 months and costs $3. Air cost 49$ and takes 2 weeks.

We went with air. My stomach cramped up at bank and post office. Ugh. So don’t need more health issues. This respiratory infection is killing me. We decide to walk to the temple.

It’s a long walk when you’re sick. Even on a beautiful day.

We stopped for a picture by the Cheonggyecheon stream, a 3 mi stream that runs through Seoul to meet the Han River. Very cool concept.

Saw the changing of the guards at another palace along the way.

Walking in the hot sun didn’t help. Had to stop for bagel at dunkin donuts because stomach cramped up again. Continued north to temple.

We go to Jogyesa temple and Buddhist Cultural Street. Amazing buddhas at Jogyesa temple.

Also had the most ornate painting of all temples we’ve seen.

Wow. There was an actual religious service going on so we stayed outside.

In front of the temple, they had a little market set up.

Quite lovely. We headed to the info office for a brochure and a nice lady spoke to us in English. She liked my tshirt.

We did a little browsing on the Buddhist cultural street

and then headed over to Insadong.

Very crowded on a Saturday afternoon and very overpriced. Didn’t like it. So we went back to Buddhist cultural street.

Agreed we should have lunch. Looked around and saw nothing. Then OL said let’s go to food garden. Again. We’ve been there everyday. And I thought I told him lat night I was getting sick of it. So I’m like how about a restaurant like Pomato or the market near us?

We decide to subway back. At this point, my cold is muccarific, my brain feels feverish, I’d swear my own brain was melting into my spine. My body aches. I don’t want to do anything. And I gotta navigate a crowded Seoul subway.

I just want to cry. I hate being this sick. I hate thinking I’m getting better and instead getting worse.

And I want to have fun in Korea. Not be sick. Ugh.

So we subway back to the hotel. We got to Pomato and have lunch. I get dukmandoguk soup, OL gets beef stew. Somehow we accidentally get a bibimbop which OL also eats thinking it’s part of his stew.

After lunch, I get a giant bottle of Gatorade. Assume I’m dehydrated because the corners of my mouth keep cracking.

Go back to room drink it and nap. When I get up, my heel splits open and bleeds. The corners of my mouth are still cracking. I am so falling apart. We watch tv. Go to market for dinner but it’s closing down. So we go to Pomato for dinner. I get the beef bibimbop and dumplings. OL gets the udon noodles.

We stop at FamilyMart (their version of a convenience store) for Milano cookies. Cost 6$. Go to room and rest. Early to bed and sleeping in so tired.

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6 Responses to Post Office, Jogyesa Temple, Buddhist Cultural Street, Insadong, and Pomato

  1. Lucas says:

    Glad you tried new food. Was bibimbnop good? Picture looks tasty. Dumplings look a bit bland. Did heel split from too much walking?

    • Bibimbop was great. The dumpling were steamed but once we dipped them in the sauce they were pretty good. I have really dry skin. All the mucus production seems to suck any moisture from it and my heel split open. Had to keep vaselining it and wearing sock and sneakers the rest of the trip.

  2. berry says:

    I love food pics. Nice statues. Trip sounds great here but for u being sick.

    • Food was very good here, second only to Thailand. The buddhas were awe inspiring. Korea was so wonderfully kind to us. I’m glad the trip wrapped up here. The sick part was rough. Wanting to do more and being so physically worn out. I had trouble breathing so long walks were killer.

  3. Elle says:

    Korea sounds like such a nice place 🙂 Glad to hear your trip is getting better.. well, other than being sick and splitting your heel.

    and the food looks yummy 🙂

    • I <3 Seoul! It was my second fav location after Phuket. 🙂 People were so polite and nice. Prices were reasonable in markets. Food was divine. Sightseeing was delightful. Except for the body breakdown it rocked!

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?