Namdaemun Market, Shinsegae Department Store, and Myeongdong

Since we shower in the evening, last night I got to return to humanity.

The first time I felt clean since leaving Thailand. And the towels. They were clean and smelled faintly of blench.

Not fish. Or mold or smoke. Clean smelling towels. What an experience.

Ofc, I could not sleep much with the congestion. My ears kept blocking, then my throat gagged on mucus. I felt like I was drowning in my phlegm.

Rolled onto my side and fell into fitful sleep. Woke up from dry mouth. Mucus coated mouth. Tickle in throat. Coughing. Gasping for air. No fun being sick at night.

I contemplated sleeping against wall so I could prop myself up. So annoying.

When alarm clock went off I felt dread and yet at least I could stop failing at sleeping.

Dressed in semi dark because light switches are all in one place and feared waking OL.

Put both legs in same pant leg and nearly tumbled over.

Breakfast was interesting. Breakfast lady tells you to get drink and she makes the breakfast. So I get one egg and toast. I feel like hell. End of rope exhausted. I start tearing up. I HATE being sick on the part of vacay I could actually enjoy. So I go upstairs to have a good cry and leave OL to internet downstairs.

Then we go out to explore.

We check out Namdaemun market and Shinsegae Department store. Shinsegae.

Omfg. A lovely shopping experience. And a food garden. That’s right a food garden. A rooftop garden with koi, flowers, sculptures, and a nice food court.


We scope it out for later meals.

First time we’ve relaxed since Xian. Wow. Didn’t realize how on guard we were. Every second of every day. On the sidewalks we had bike, motorbikes, cars, and people all coming at us from every direction. Any vehicle behind us blared their horn for us to step aside–EVEN ON THE SIDEWALK. Crossing streets was beyond treacherous. Seoul is NOTHING like that. So organized, polite, efficient. Lovely.

We check out Mesa next-door but it is a discount shopping center. We don’t like it.

We continue on to Namdaemun market and do some souvenir shopping. Highly recommend it!

It’s very unclear if you bargain or if its fixed price. So we try and see what happens. One store tells me 7000 for tshirt and 5000 won for wallet. I offer 10,000 won for both and he says okay. Stall vendor people speak the basic English and are so nice compared to China. (BTW 10,000 won is approximately US$ 10)

We have a pleasant time wandering up and down streets. See food places. Even food stalls look sanitary.

We go on for a while. Even find a mall with a floor devoted to local crafts. Pick up cheaper priced fans and OL gets a mask.

We get hungry and head back to Shinsegae. Both get Pho soup from food garden. I stay at table while OL gets the food. We have to have table first, then order food and pay cashier, then get beeper for when food is ready.

Hot sauce is great for cold, but causes massive mucus flood from the nose. Not pleasant.

We head back to hotel for rest because I’m getting light-headed. Rest for two hours.

Watch the discovery channel show I Shouldn’t Be Alive and she really shouldn’t. Dumbass  left her backpack to hike to village in Grand Canyon because it was getting dark and she feared not getting to Indian village by night. Hello? She didn’t know if she was walking in correct direction. Why leave all your supplies behind?!

Ofc, she couldn’t retrace her steps to it and spent 20 days in canyon. Dumbellina.

We walk around. Head to Namdaemun which was burned down in 2007 and is being rebuilt.

We meandered toward downtown city hall area

and Myeongdong. Cool night markets and malls.

Neat streets remind us of HK with billboards and lights but clean and more refined. See Westin. Walk near City Hall which is also being renovated.

Get lost on way to dinner at Shinsegae. But found our way. A couple people bumped me and were very nice said sorry and I apologized too. Overall, Koreans have been very courteous people. Notice other people too. On escalators, people let OL and I go in front of them a few times.

We get to Shinsegae and I get omelette stuffed with fried rice, chicken nuggets and fries. But the omelette is like tortilla thin and it feels burritoesque. Delicious.

OL has beef with rice. I got a frozen yogurt. We played the question game, like if you were a doctor what kind would you be.

Then we walked back and chilled. Tried to post blog but Ofc WordPress app hates me and won’t let me add pics. So annoying. As annoying as the French people looking at pics downstairs beside us and chatting the entire time.

Watched Discovery Channel about people who bleed tears. Not such a conclusive ending. Kinda let down.

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3 Responses to Namdaemun Market, Shinsegae Department Store, and Myeongdong

  1. berry says:

    Sorry ur sick. Great pics nice people polite country. China take notes.

    • Being sick sucked. I wish I’d been ill in Beijing because I basically gave up on having fun there. Seoul was such a delight. Polite civilized people. Very nice to their tourists. I’d definitely go back. 🙂

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