Welcome to Seoul!

We land smoothly DESPITE OBNOXIOUS CHINESE KIDS. Literally running around the aisle and standing up in seat during landing. And screaming. Not crying just screaming like lunatics.

Ofc the mother is the first person up when the plane is taxiing and the seat belt sign is still on. She was also the first person to go to the bathroom during turbulence after they flight attendants specifically asked us to remain in our seats.

As we prepare to disembark an obnoxious Asian man pushes me back into my row so he can get his stuff then he barricades me in with his arm. So I sit down and he rests his ass on my seat. So i elbow him as I put iPad away.

We exit the plane and head to quarantine. I had to check cough stuffy nose and sore throat on the health questionnaire. So did OL since he had the symptoms in the past 10 days. Though the bastard was on the mend by then. So they take his temp and it’s normal. Then they take mine.

The black girl who already went through shouts, “Oh My God! She didn’t switch the ear thing. That is so gross. I wouldn’t let her take my temp.”

Right you’d fight with the quarantine lady. Because you want to have trouble entering a country. OL and I are both A-Ok. We move along. Get on train to baggage claim.

We continue onward to immigration. Everyone cues up. Except the Chinese. This bitch cuts right in front of a guy. Couldn’t wait behind him. So he tries another line. Looking frustrated. Immigration waves OL over to another line. Then wave me forward but I tell the guy to go. He’s been waiting longer. He smiles. Smiles.

Like appreciates an act of kindness and decency. So foreign after 3 weeks in China.

Immigration guy calls me down to another window. He says, “Welcome to Korea. You are very beautiful.” I smile and say, “Thanks you are very nice.” immigration is super smooth and nice.

OL also has a good experience. We are loving Korea.

This airport is amazing. I hit the bathroom. It is like a St. Regis bathroom.

Wow. Clean immaculate. Rotating cleaning shield on toilet.

Sinks with soap and paper towels.

Go down an escalator with a wall waterfall. Wow squared.

To baggage claim. Get our bags and head to customs. Then out to taxi.

Taxis are arranged by location heading to. Kinda confusing. They were very nice and helped us.

Taxi driver has trouble finding hotel (make sure to get hotel name and address written in Korean characters) but we love seeing Seoul at night. Lovely city. No smog. Clear viewing. Cooler. Cab has leather seats and smells of coconut. This is gonna be a good trip.

We get to hotel after cabbie asks a few random people on the street for directions. Refuses to call hotel. We don’t know why. So we have an adventure.

The Chinese could learn a ton in manners from their Korean neighbors. We arrive at the hotel. Cabbie helps wheel the suitcase up the stairs.

Hotel attendant speaks English and has our room all ready. Check-in takes like 4 minutes. Nice. Including them giving us an overview of the map and the area.

Took elevator to second floor. This is a hotel room. Cute little foyer to keep our shoes with hotel slippers for room.

A wood with a tatami feel to it. Big double bed.

52 inch tv with Discovery channel and MTV.

Fridge. Sterilizer with glasses. A little vanity with hair products.

The bathroom is huge. All frosted glass. Two shower heads.


OL and I are in our happy dance mood. This is so lovely. Rescue from the hell we endured in Beijing.


WE <3 Hill House Hotel in Seoul!!!!






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4 Responses to Welcome to Seoul!

  1. Lucas says:

    Soeul sounds like it will be wonderful. Can’t wait to read more. Hotel room looks plain but clean and user friendly.

    Best line from previous post: “China truly despises tourists and sees them as cash cows to be milked and turned into dinner.”

    • It was delightful and clean! Lovely people. Developed and civilized place. Would definitely go back. Hotel was minimalist chic on a budget. But luxury compared to the vile place we were stuck with in Beijing. LOL. That is exactly how I felt by the end of my time there though. It made me long for Italy (and there was a good amount of corruption and safety concerns there). 🙂

  2. berry says:

    What a great beginning. Hotel looks lovely. Like Usa. Hooray. Can’t wait to hear more. Last leg of a very long trip.

    • Korea welcomed us with loving hugs and kisses. China kicked us around like street tramps. HillHouse was a luxurious experience after Beijing. Seoul saved the end of our trip. 🙂

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