Post Office, Lunch, and Leave

We wake up at 8:30. I wish I was dead. The cold is horrible. It’s progressing to an upper respiratory infection with sever mucage. Couldn’t breathe all night. Kept waking up gasping for air. And returning to same bad dream. Ugh.

Got to get to post office on Qianmen. Send souvenirs home. It’s a long walk through the filthy hutong. God, I hope to never see anything as dirty again.

Arrive at post office and there is one parcel worker and two multipurpose workers. The multipurpose workers do nothing.

The one parcel worker has decided she and she alone is the last line of defense against a Scottish girl who must be smuggling drugs given how the parcel worker pats down every piece of clothing and checks her boot seams. Intense. And slower than the Paleolithic era.

Ofc there are two people trying to send letters and being annoying. Then a Chinese woman walks in. Cuts in front of us. As usual. So beyond rude.

Think she’s entitled to more than everyone else.

She looks to be sending kilos of cocaine somewhere, but the second postal person doesn’t bother checking what is inside. Not like the DEA officer working the poor Scottish girl over.

OL pushes up to desk and gets the postal girl to wait on us next. Get box and form. There is now a third parcel attendant there. The multipurpose workers continue to do NOTHING.

She packs my stuff carefully, which I appreciate. Taking a look at everything without going all DEA on my ass.

I go fill out the form. We return to pay postage. And now an irate old Chinese lady is bitching about the price of sending a letter. She shows a receipt from last time sent letter. She argues for five minutes while Scottish girl and OL and I wait.

Finally, she steps to the side. Scottish girl tries to pay for her boxes but she is told must now write the to and from on the box. She writes To Scotland from China. Poor girl is at the end of her rope.

So we check out. 300 yuan to send box to US. Then we walk to the duck restaurant for eggplant barbecued and potatoes and pork strips. So good.

We head back to room and pack up. I stumble on another blogger ranting about china. I love his take on spitting and pissing in streets and restaurants. He is awesomeness. His toilet blog is priceless. I gotta repost them.

Check out is no speaking just standing there. Ofc they don’t tell us what is going us just make us wait. I deduce they are checking the room. Once check out appears done, we hang in lobby waiting to take cab.

We’ll go get cab cause the hotel charges twice the fee for a car.


Oh we also watched a woman attempt to check out. They made her wait while the maid brought down her sheet. Allegedly she did something to it. First off, the sheets are ripped and stained so what they hell could she have done to it? Yet another scam to extract money from a foreigner.

So we walked out of hutong for last time, Praise Jesus.  Got a cab. Took over an hour to airport. 123 yuan. Paid exact amount. No more screwing the foreigner and taking a tip shit.

We checked in early. Then went in search of food. Found a KFC on underground floor. I had chicken breast and thigh and small fry. OL has large fry 2 tiny 1/3 ear of corn. We finished with chocolate sundaes.

Then we went to exchange our yuan for Korean won. They charged a ridiculous fee. And made us wait forever. Chinese efficiency for you.  And his breath is beyond rank. Smells like something died in his teeth and now bacteria is thriving on it. Every time he talks his breath scoops under window and blasts me in the face. I take to covering my nose with my finger.

Half an hour later, we have our Korean won. We go back to checkin and then onto immigration. Where I watch an absolute Neanderthal Chinese guy film his son and wife going through immigration. Are you shitting me?!

The immigration peeps sweep into action telling him he can’t do that. Pull him aside make a few calls and make him delete the footage. What a royal schmuck. Who tries to videotape immigration in this day and age and in China?!

Then we go through the metal scanners. Nothing goes off. But they still force me to stand on a pedestal and get wanded and groped. Haven’t been searched like this since I stopped going to raves. Seriously what do they think I have on me?!

Their searches and precautions make zero sense. Probably because logic left this country 3000 years ago with no plan to ever return.

We go to the gate.

Wander by a few gift stores. Everything is 10-20 times the price on the street. Look, I don’t mind paying a premium, but that is out and out raping of your tourists. Even water costs 20 yuan. You can’t bring it in from the street where you can buy it for 1.5 yuan.

I get disgusted and get water but don’t buy anything else. Seriously. A statue I saw on the street for 200 yuan was 3900 yuan in the airport.

China truly despises tourists and sees them as cash cows to be milked and turned into dinner.

There is an obnoxious emperor with his equally bratty little sister. And a Chinese mom who does nothing. They run wild in the airport.

The bathroom is very clean. A few western toilets too.

Boarding the plane, people queue up. I’m shocked. Must be Korean thing. The flight is pretty nice. But for the two brats on board and their absolutely incompetent mother. She should give them up for adoption. Because she clearly can’t be bothered to discipline or raise them.

Food is nice on plane. Unfortunately Korea’s health questionnaire asks if had runny nose or cough. Which I do. So we expect delays upon arrival. Ugh.

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2 Responses to Post Office, Lunch, and Leave

  1. berry says:

    Good bye China. Not very nice. Should learn manners.

    • That was my experience at least. I’m sure people go there and have a good time. Just like I’ll rave about a restaurant someone pans. But on the whole, I would not venture back to Xian or Beijing. Hong Kong yes, but the mainland probably not.

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