Man Maid, Eating, Possible Electricution and Acrobats

Today we slept in until 10. No big daytime plans. OL is sick with sinus cough infection and I’ve got a wicked sore throat and fuzzy brain. We motivate to go to the duck restaurant.

I get egg drop soup with corn  and fried bread with condensed milk. OL orders beef dish but when they bring my food they tell us that OL’s food can’t be made. So he has to order something new. Gets a pork and veggie dish.

Meanwhile restaurant fills to capacity and angry people sit in chairs waiting for our table while we wait for OL’s food.

The hostess clips her nails at the door. I watch pieces of her nail fly around the room. Ew. None made it to anyone’s food. Thank goodness. Our food was tasty.

We go back to the hotel room to rest. I wash more pants in the sink. OL does some clothes. Then the man maid comes knocking, demanding to clean the room. Or at least mop more Chinese hairs onto our floor. We decide to go get the acrobatic tickets downstairs.

Cost $10 more but they get the tickets and drive you there and it’s near the hotel.  So we put it on my card. We want to give man maid enough time so we go to fourth floor and lay on couches. It’s the only upper floor without a public bathroom and the resulting stench.

Twenty minutes later, we return to room. I take a nap. Wake at 4 pm. Remember duck restaurant not open until 5pm.

As I enter the bathroom, brown water drips on my arm from the bathroom overhead light. Ew. And potentially electrocuting.

I call the help desk. She answers in Chinese. I ask if she speaks English. She says a little. I say water is dripping from the bathroom light. Huh? She says. Bathroom light I say. Huh? I try Chinese. She is still perplexed. Finally I say I need an English speaker. Another woman comes on. I tell her the problem and she sends someone up.

It’s the lady they sent when I had the 3am stench issue.I point to the puddle and point to the light and luckily a drop falls. She goes oh and radios for help. I say we’re leaving in Chinese. She says okay.

We go to duck place. Can’t get duck until 5:30. Too late since gotta go to acrobats at 6:30. So I have Beijing meat with tofu wraps. OL has mantou and rice.

We walk back and find the bathroom issue resolved.

At 6:30 we go to lobby and they take us to the acrobat place in a car. Nice. Drop us off and hand us tickets.

Ofc the area is all under reconstruction so getting in is difficult. We get in and are told must wait until 7 to enter theater. We sit on chairs for a bit. Until I sniff out a giftshop. Get a couple things for 10 yuan each. Cloisonné bracelets and egg.

There is a display of garden tools in the gift shop. China has the weirdest gift shop ideas ever.

By then the doors are open and we rush in to get seats. Five rows back. I head to middle but guy tells me no, so we go back to side and take two aisle seats.

Unfortunately we are seated with a little obnoxious fat emperor behind us and his older sister and her friends. The mom is far away. Which means the kids are out of control. Kicking my seat. Screaming yelling. Awful. As the show starts he gives my chair a hard kick and I give him a look of death. He apologizes in Chinese. But since he’s been kicking the chair for half an hour I’m not placated.

The acrobats were pretty awesome. They did some cool jumping and gymnastics and balancing on each other and flipping. Then there were the diabolo dancers. My favorites were the straw hat jugglers and the guy who caught 10 dishes on his head while on a board rolling over a can. They also had hoop leapers and an aerial hoop acrobat.

At one point a kid in crochless pants wanders around the aisles. Wth? Hope he isn’t going to drop a load near me.

When a part of the stage rises, a guy gets out of his chair and goes to peer inside with his towel around his neck.

Girls dancing with milk jugs and drums.

They also put four motorbikes in a huge metal ball and had them race around for the finale. Wow.

Then we walked back to the hotel.

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4 Responses to Man Maid, Eating, Possible Electricution and Acrobats

  1. Lucas says:

    You were very lucky a drop fell when she looked. The shopping experiences in China sound really frustrating. Good thjinking saying Canadian.

    • While we were in Beijing, Georgetown basketball was there playing a Chinese team and a fight erupted. Americans were definitely not looked upon favorably at that time. So I decided to be from Toronto. No one hates Canadians. 🙂 Yeah, it was amazing how bad that “hotel” was. I almost felt like I was in the movie Hostel except no one came to torture me. Simply being there was torture enough.

  2. berry says:

    Great blog. Is it like cirque de soleil. Must have been amazing. Kids can be annoying. Glad leak resolved. Wow. This is better day for u and ol.

    Will keep reading.

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