Liulichang Yeah, Wangfujing Nah

Today  slept in until 10am. China is a lot like Italy with food. The Chinese get up early so lunch from 12-2 and dinner from 5-9. Very annoying. Vacationers usually don’t follow native time rituals so we are fucked.

We ate food in room and opted for a lighter walking day. Headed up to Liulichang for souvenir shopping.

The prices were crazy. I don’t get why you open with a price like 580 when you are willing to take 50. It’s so beyond stupid.

I got a wooden Buddha box and a statue I love.The statue started at 650 and I paid 295. It was a lot but I really liked it and it was good quality. But a snuff bottle painter wanted 580 for one bottle. I offered 80 and he turned me down. I don’t want to pay crazy prices for things. Beijing has the worst shopping ever.

I picked up a sandalwood bracelet for OL because the lady shared her cardboard box with us when we needed to sit on a stone wall.

I also got a woven purse very colorful for 6 american dollars. I have also decided to tell everyone I’m from Canada. Americans seem to get the highest prices. And be very hated so I’m trying a neutral nationality.

Liulichang was crazy high prices but at least there were souvenirs.

We dropped everything at hotel and headed to wangfujing. What a waste Wangfujing turns out to be. Allegedly shopping street. But nothing I wanted there. All western brands. I lived next to half the brands in NYC. Why the fuck would I want to buy them here?

The oriental plaza mall has the most confusing layout ever. The map doesn’t match to the code for each place so it’s impossible to find anything. They use zones sometimes but there are like 3 systems meshed together where nothing corresponds to anything. Hardest map ever.

We try to find subway restaurant but can’t. We end up at Ajisen ramen. Udon and beef lunch.

Then hit dairy queen for green tea blizzard. Walk around mall. Nothing I want to buy and the jade is in the tens and hundreds of thousands. Lol.

The bathroom. This is hilarious. Requires going into an exit door. And then through 3 more. The Chinese lady in front of me turned around after one exit door ready to give up. I’ve learned from experience nothing is logical here so I continue onward. She doubles back and follows me to the ladies room. This is a mugger/rapists paradise. How isolated can you make the bathroom?!

The best is that all the Chinese are using the three western toilets instead of the Dunde. I wait. Then exit bathroom and follow signs to mall. Go through one exit and out in mall. Have to walk back to find OL. Seems there are multiple entries and exits to the one bathroom.

We end up wandering along wangfujing.

Nothing we can buy though. Every store is so overpriced. It’s pointless. One place I look at jade. It’s 9000 yuan. The lady tries to help me. I say can’t afford it. She pulls one that is 6000 yuan and offers 50% discount. I’m like cheaper. She pulls ugly ass carving in horrible green color.  It’s 600 yuan but I hate it.

Why would you open so high that you are out of someone’s budget and then be like it’s actually this price. So unbelievably stupid.

I stop for a jasmine tea ice cream. Ofc ten Chinese crowd up behind me. Gotta buy whatever the foreigner buys. Can you be more of a follower? Everything I look at or touch, they have to have. It’s just so beyond dumb. If I indicate I am heading somewhere, they all head there. I don’t even have to go there.

The Beijing Department store is another overpriced place. I don’t understand why anyone would waste their money on this crap.

And when half the country doesn’t have proper sanitation, how can you throw money away on Cartier and Rolex? And who is shopping there exactly?

We go to the foreign language bookstore, where hardly any of the workers speak English. Especially the ones on the English language book floor. That’s priceless. Good luck finding anything there because it’s not organized. Nothing matches the labels.

I got a new Chinese dictionary and it cost a pretty penny.

We wandered through the Dong An Night Market.



It was okay but nothing like I remembered. Just a small corner of stalls now. Used to stretch down the whole street. Sad to see how many good things have gone sour in Beijing.

We walk back toward the subway.

I stop at another store. Looks cheap. So i go look at the robes. The lady tries to be helpful suggesting ones but they are not to my taste so i make funny faces and noises to show I dislike them. I want her to know how much i don’t like them and that i am not playing the bargaining game.

Some douche trying to sell personal massagers (read vibrator). He pushes it against OL chest and then my back. I flip out. First off don’t fucking touch me. Second off don’t touch me with a vibrator. We all know what it is.

We go on to wangfujing subway planning to go to jianguomen for hot pot. But when we got to the subway at 7:20 it was sardine packed again. Who the fuck has rush hour at 7:30 on a Saturday?!

OL announces he cannot walk anymore. So hmm. What to do? We end up going back up into Oriental Plaza. Go to Thai place but they sit us next to kid banging spoon. I mention how annoying it is. OL says lets leave and gets up. Walk across to sichuan restaurant.

All he wants to do is sit. So we eat there. Food was good. Prices were decent. Had diet soda. Beef dish with snap peas and a plate of glutinous rice balls. By the time finished, it was 8:30.

Went back to subway and could fit onboard. Road to Fuxingment and switched to get to Hepingmen.

What a terrible shopping city Beijing is. Really disappointing. Now I have credit card but nothing I want to buy.

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6 Responses to Liulichang Yeah, Wangfujing Nah

  1. elmer says:

    wow snack street in wangfujing!

    • It was pretty cool, but the last time I was in Beijing it stretched down the entire street and there were so many more vendors all selling different stuff. This version had 4 types of vendors and was a corner of the street.

  2. berry says:

    That’s the way. Have money no buying.

    • It was kinda frustrating. Then again buying meant bargaining which was even more frustrating. But I was happy to have my credit card back. Even if I wasn’t finding anything to use it for.

  3. Elle says:

    Go Canada 🙂 let me know when you go on your future trips, I’ll send you a Canadian flag for your luggage

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