One Day Til I Escape Xian

Today was another gut twisting stomach lurching day in Xian. Our last thank the gods.

We woke up by 8:30 because Jinjiang hotel already had loud construction work going on near our room. We had breakfast. Got stared at by Chinese people all through our breakfast.

Look I get that foreigners, especially Caucasians, are not common here but we are human beings not plants. We are not here for your entertainment. Or to have helllooooo hooted at us forty times a day. Like we’re gorillas you are teasing in their zoo cages.

Act like a rational human being for goodness sake. But evidently this is beyond them. Most act like farm animals. I’m not freaking kidding. Especially in Xian. The middle of the country truly is as backwards as people think.

Today I saw at least three kids pissing on the sidewalk. On busy streets. With their mom’s clear consent. Ew. Ew. Ew.

So we walk to the post office to send my package of souvenirs to the US. The great postal worker who helped us yesterday is there. He is super fast and efficient and wonderful. A bright spot in Xian.

However, random Chinese people decide to crowd around me and watch me fill out forms. No sense of personal space or propriety. It’s none of your business. Once again I’m not a fucking tourist attraction. God I hate it here. At least in Shanghai they stared and kept their distance. Here its absolutely uncivilized.

With that task done, we head to the Muslim Quarter for lunch. Along the way stenches unlike any I’ve encountered in the US roll over us. Wrap around us. Force the gag reflex.

It’s like rotten decaying flesh, rancid garbage,and spoiled milk all rolled together.  How do people live like this? In such disgusting conditions?

And why do you need a fucking Starbucks where there are serious sanitation problems?! Priorities please.

Randomly on the way around town, we stumble on a subway station sign. Evidence that they are working on the alleged subway we’ve heard tales of but no sign of its construction.

The muslim quarter has lots of food pre-made and sitting out.

Concerned about how safe it is and what trouble it might cause in our stomaches, we decide not to eat there which means walking all the way to Subway near the south gate to the city. Long walk in smoggy humid stenchy hellaciousness.

The Subway sandwich shop worker doesn’t know what goes in a subway club. Omfg seriously. There’s a picture menu. And I don’t know the Chinese for different cold cuts.

I am so sick of this dirty hell hole I tell OL next vacation in Afghanistan. Because that’s how miserable this place feels. It’s not a vacation it’s punishment. I just want it to end.

On the trek back to our hotel, heat stroke sets in again. Migraine so bad I almost burst into tears on street. We get back and I lay down for 4 hours. Still feel ill. Then eat and drink and still migraine. Take migraine medication. Ofc construction work is going on so no way to escape noise and migraine worsens. They continue banging and shouting until7 fucking 30 at night. This isn’t a hotel or a motel. It’s a torture chamber.

I pack my suitcase and we plan to leave. One more dinner and breakfast before we escape Xian.

Luckily nice cab guy is driving us to airport tomorrow. We already scheduled it with him.

After dinner, we return to our hotel room where construction continues after 9 pm. Finally at 10pm, I go to front desk to complain that it’s still going on. I tell the front desk girl that the construction people are still working and talking in loud voices and banging things.

Her response? Asks me when I’m checking out. Perplexed I say tomorrow. Her next question, what time? My response 7:30 am. Her answer is that they wont be doing construction then.

I tell her again in Chinese they are working now. She asks for room number. Then tells me they aren’t working.

I say yes they are and we can’t sleep.

She then ignores me and steps over to check someone in. I walk away. This is the worst hotel experience ever. We’d be better off at the Bates motel.

I storm upstairs and tell OL. He can’t fucking believe it. So he goes to talk to the front desk. He catches her in the elevator and tells her this has to stop. She goes over to construction guys and stares at them. They ignore her. OL steps closer to the workers and that gets one guy’s attention.

He talks to her. She responds. Then there is a pause. OL steps in and asks “Are they stopping? Did you take care of it.” She says they will work 10-20 minutes more. Then she left and OL left.

Yet another clear example of how the people of Xian have no consideration for anyone. I can’t fucking stand this place.

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