Chinese Fashionistas, Luxun Park, and Duolun Cultural Street

While breakfasting today, OL and I are treated to a fashion show Chinese style. We’ve got the white cotton and lace frilly dress sweetness. She’s followed by the big city whore look, a shredded t shirt with beads Pocahontas style with platform American flag heels. And hot pants.

She however is pouting because she and her friend didn’t splurge and get the breakfast. Keeps saying oh we can’t eat in Chinese. The white frilly dress girl waves a 100 yuan bill at the xiaojie but she says no they aren’t on her list.

The other girls sit at their table of 3 and eat while their friends watch.


After we finish our meal, we head to front desk to find closest post office. Turns out it’s a few blocks away. We walk there. Ofc I screw up the form and they won’t give me another one. Then after a few requests they give me a new one, and I screw that up. Ugh. So I send the package to myself as my mother.

Lol. Dumbass. It will arrive in a month. I never did get shanghai postcards. Never found seller of single cards always book of them. Maybe can get them at airport tomorrow.

Okay so back to today.  We decided to go explore the LuXun park and Doulun cultural street. We road line 4 to line 8. On line 4, there is this gremlin child demonically howling. Made me laugh my ass off.

Got off on Hongkou stadium and walked to LuXun park. Pretty park.

Not touristy. Lots of Chinese gathered in groups to dance and sing. Adorable.

We wand to LuXun’s tomb which was worth seeing. Especially since it was built by Mao against LuXun’s wishes. In fact, he had LuXun dug up and moved 20+years after his first burial.

Then onto the Plum Grounds, a lovely section of the park dedicated to Korean-Chinese relations. Pretty rock walkways, pagoda, water and bridge.

We felt peckish and explored the lunch places outside the park. Stumbled on a tasty chain. No idea what the name was. But we ate this:

Headed to find the Duolun Cultural Street. We stumbled upon a group of Chinese dancing to Turkish music. They really enjoy their weekends.

We stumble on a Dairy Queen where we get the green tea blizzard. Except this time they come with tons of nuts. Ugh. So I have to explain I cannot eat it because eating nuts makes me sick. So they make me a new one. OL likes his with the nuts.

So we continue on and find Duolun Cultural Street. It’s not what the rough guide said. Really pretty uninteresting. The buildings are neat to look at but the stores are old and jewelry or painting. Nothing tempting for me.

We walked onward to catch the line 3 back to our hotel.

We did a quick snack shopping for tomorrow’s trip to Xian.

Returned to the room and watched Oliver Twist. Worst movie endured in China. So hard to follow and so boring.

Internet not working. Try to explain to front desk guy but he doesn’t seem to know how to restart the Internet.

We go to dinner early. Waitress refuses to wait on us. Ol smiles 3 times. She smiles back. I smile and she says its not her with a gesture. So nice girl comes over and checks our tea and then she sends other girl over. We order with her. The entire process confuses me. Everyday, it changes. Lol.

Eggplant and potato and Chicken dishes. I have Miranda soda again. Love my orange soda. OL has soda. I now order it cold for him.

Boy George guy sitting at table near us. Except he’s boy George today fat with eyeliner. OL finds him annoying just to look at.

Come back to room and schedule hotel. Get front desk xiaojie to fix Internet. Schedule taxi to airport for tomorrow.

Onto Xian.

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?