Shopping Day in Shanghai

Slept in until 10am. Around 10:45 hammering starts outside. Ugh. We motivate after watching Green Lantern cartoon on HBO only English channel here.

We head to McDonalds at Nanjing dong Lu for breakfast. Get there at 12:30. Huge line. OL goes to get table. I get in line to order. Nice mcd girl comes by with post its and writes my order in Chinese. I get up to the cashier and pay 15 yuan ($2.50) for entire double cheeseburger meal.

Seating is on main floor and upstairs. This angry Chinese mama surveys the area with hands on hips. I swear I expected her to say to me, “I expel you white devil from this seat in the name of Chairman Mao.”

Ofc she only is eating an ice cream cone, but that Ofc merits a seat and table. She stares down everyone that has started their meal willing them to eat faster.

We decide to take it easy and not do as much today. Push today’s plan to tomorrow and wander around the plazas at Nanjing dong Lu.

Cute malls.

Not any reasonably priced jade or scarves though. But plaza 853 has toilets but no toilet paper and soap dispensers but no paper towels. No the rolls of toilet paper you’d find in the stalls are mounted by the exit as paper towels.

The Chinese are big into replicating and imitating. They built a replica of an entire European town for God’s sake. Take a camera into a public restroom in the US and snap 5 pictures. Jesus.

We get on subway to Shanghai #1 Department Store. Browse for jade and scarves. OL finds a piece he likes. It’s a big fat Buddha. Priced at 980 yuan. She goes to 780 yuan. I talk Chinese with her. Translate as best I can for OL. He ends up purchasing the piece.

I saw some nice snakes but decide will wait for Xian or Beijing. We go upstairs to silks scarves. Very hard to find. Get to them. They are 600-1000 yuan. Ouch. Sales girl tries them on me. They have cute ties to make them into a top etc. But thats pricey for something I don’t love.

Besides this ugly old Chinese lady starts trying on each one I take off. So annoying. Copying me. As a general rule, whatever a foreigner looks at merits groups of Chinese watching and trying on. Group gathers to watch me. Makes me nervous.

I walk away. Go to men’s floor to think about it. I stumble on Mexican clothing line. With polo shirt logo of man sitting in sombrero. That’s hysterical. So I buy one. For 160 yuan.

After I go look at jade. I really like snake color but the carvings aren’t good. Snake heads look like fish. Hate it. The one I like has chip on jade. Once I see it I cannot not see it. She offers it for 770 from 980 but the chip. I can’t. Then this kid starts shoving at me thigh and I realize tons of Chinese have gathered to watch me make a purchase. Intense. I decide to leave. No purchase made.

Go to raffles city and get Mochi.

Return to hotel. Eat mochi (Japanese rice flour wrapped ice cream treat) while watching White Men Can Jump and Bourne movie.

Chill. Do laundry. And by do laundry I mean hand wash 5 pairs of pants in the sink and hanging them to dry in the shower. The thing I’ve learned is that it isn’t about the soaking time, but the number of times you push the soapy water through the fabric. I shoot for 75-100 times per pair of pants. Definitely building up my arm muscle.

Pack stuff for postoffice tomorrow. OL takes the bulk of it in his backpack.



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4 Responses to Shopping Day in Shanghai

  1. berry says:

    Wow. You can’t even shop without feeling like a freak show. I don’t like China much.

  2. Elle says:

    Next time, you should try the same thing on them… start following them around and copying them ;-P

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