Shanghai Temples and The Hunt for the Friendship Store

Today was a hot one. Horribly humid. We woke up early enough for Bfast at the hotel. Red bean paste buns, fried rice in wonton wrapper and eggs. OL had watermelon and pb and j sandwich.

We headed over to Jing An temple. Despite being squashed amongst the skyscrapers,  it was a lovely temple.




Cabbed it over to Yufu temple. Worth the cab ride. Gorgeous jade buddhas. Quieter temple. We couldn’t find the entrance and wandered in by the back door. Didn’t have to pay for entrance. Felt guilty so bought gorgeous overpriced hand paintings of landscapes done by an artist using just his fingers and hand as a brush.



Lots of nice stuff in giftshop but overpriced and felt wrong to haggle with monastery.

Nice guy gave us a short tour of place, but we’d already seen some of the room, but he kinda insisted we see them again. Lol.

Afterwards, we grabbed cab to the alleged friendship store. Except it turned out to be the Peninsula hotel. We went inside and asked and the front desk explained it was the friendship store but it closed. So did the one on Jinjiang. The only one open is out in Hong qiao. He went on to say now that China more open friendships stores are gone.

Ofc, one guidebook mentioned it, and I also found the Beijing Lu address online. This is a mega frustration about Shanghai. Guidebooks seem to be outdated the minute they are printed. And the Internet is woefully out of date and useless.

I explained we wanted to pick up a nice piece of jade for 800 yuan. He smiles, you can buy jade anywhere. I said yes, but no idea if real. He says go to jewelry stores but it’s much more expensive than my price.

Crazy since I paid $50 13 years ago for my piece. Look I’ll believe prices have doubled or tripled but the going rates we’ve seen in stores is 10s of thousands of yuan. That’s just absurd.

So we hit Subway for sandwiches. Then 18 on the bund for toilets. As we start to head out the grey skies split open to torrential downpours, lightning and thunder claps. We linger inside for half an hour until rain slows down. We browse in every store that is completely beyond our budgets and resort to taking pictures of this crazy bunny statue.

We walk toward subway. I’m not feeling well, so we head back to hotel and I nap for 3 hours. OL slips into sleep too.

Then we go to dinner at restaurant.

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