Xintiandi, Lunch Disaster and Shanghai Museum

After breakfast, I head to the front desk to order train tickets to Suzhou for Thursday. I break a sweat throwing down my Chinese. But we manage to do it. Front desk books the tickets for pick up tonight after 9pm. I hope.

We decided not to go to Tongli because it’s so freaking impossible to get any info on how to get there. Turned out once a day bus leaves Shanghai at 8 am. Ick. We just couldn’t get up at 6 am to make that bus. So screw Tongli.

We walk to subway and go to Xintiandi. I like it. Picturesque. Large walkways. Very hongkongish. Lol. Find out funded and designed by Hong Kongers.

Tour the Shikumen museum. Fun, informative look into what a shikumen of a wealthy family would have looked like. The giftshop however disappointed with 310 yuan t shirt. Nearly 50$. Are you fucking kidding me?

Then we wandered in search of the Site of the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. This is entered from Xingye Lu. Free entry. Interesting perspective on things. Especially for a Chinese history buff like me.

Giftshop was abysmal. The shop person refused to wait on me. Despite repeated attempts to call her attention, she completely ignored me. Wow. Great service. Why have a giftshop if you don’t want to sell stuff?

This experience really set the tone for the day.

We walked through Xintiandi but lunches started at 90 yuan ($15), so we opted to head to Huaihai Lu for lunch. Total failure. Spent 30 minutes looking for a guidebook recommended restaurant. After 3-4 times up and down the street, we find it. Closed in a building under construction. Are you fucking kidding me?!

Then Hong Kong Plaza lists Subway as restaurant but it hasn’t opened yet. We find out after we follow the signs to it. So we go to Delifrance but all the sandwiches have mayo.

At the ends of our fraying rope, we go in another big department store, but no food court. We get on subway and go to People’s Square station and Raffles City mall. Eat Korean. Bibim bop with beef for me.

Then Mochi for dessert.

We are told wait 5 minutes before eat them. I hate being given something and told not to eat it. Grrr.

Go on a bench finding mission in the malI. We find a space but two girls are sitting perpendicular hogging the bench. Ol sits down edges them over. I join him. I have the green tea and blueberry. OL has a black chocolate and yogurt mango.

Then we hit the Shanghai museum. It’s free. Pretty awesome too. Ofc, there’s a line because of the metal detector. Gets me wondering wasn’t 9-11 in the US? So what are they so freaked out about? I mean every time I go on the subway OL’s backpack and my purse have to go through the metal detector.

They see OL has water in a bottle and they tell him to drink some. To prove what? This seems pretty over the top.

Anyway, the guidebook is on target about the museum. The first and top floors rock. The middle ones can be skimmed and partially skipped IMHO.

The bottom floor had the most amazing detailed bronzes from 3000 years ago. The sculptures were pretty noteworthy too.

Strolled through the second floor Ceramics. Beginning is a bit dull, but the later years are detailed works of art.

Went to sit on second floor but the woman had her bag there. OL sat beside it but she got all flustered. Didn’t say anything. Just made hand gestures. I guessed she was saving the seat for someone. Mind you there are only a few benches on each floor and all are taken.

Quelle Bitch!

Up to fourth floor, we go. The minorities gallery is surprisingly good.

Except for the children running around like it’s Chucky Cheese. I’ve never seen such badly behaved kids in a museum. I mean like they had just been released from their cages bad. With parents who clearly can’t or won’t control them.

They really detracted from the museum experience. Also why the hell don’t Chinese people watch where they are going? They act like they are the only person on the street and like everyone else is invisible. Walked straight into me or OL a dozen times today. Look you may think your so great that the seas part for you, but you haven’t mastered the ability to apparate through me. So watch where you are fucking going.

The furniture gallery was another fun surprise. We liked it.

The jade gallery had some not to be missed intricate carvings.

We skipped the currency exhibit.

On level three we only caught the painting exhibit.

Then hit the gift shop right before the museum closed.

We decided the Rough guide guidebook rocks at tours but screws up a lot with restaurants and stores. It recommended a jade store on Huaihai Lu that we subwayed to at rush hour. We walk in and everything is in the thousands and ten of thousands yuan. Not in our price range.

Then we go back to the hotel and decide to sleep in tomorrow. Today was just too much.

Dinner was sweet and sour deep fried pork, sugar pancakes, and rice. OL had hot and sour pork.

Waitress was a total bitch who pretended to not understand my Chinese.

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?