The Bund and Pudong

Awaken at 8:30 unrefreshed. Terrible nightmares all night. Woke up screaming and moaning over and over again. Can’t quite recall dream but for a few things. The number 3000 and bad bad things happening here. No way to verify it. But I’m guessing some residual energy remained from the events and I picked up on it.

Kept OL up all night. He lost count of the episodes. Worst of the trip he said. Over and over kept happening.

Went to breakfast buffet at the Asset Hotel. Very comprehensive. Scrambled eggs, pasta, squash. Cereal. Toast, pb and j. Coffee, tea, milk, juice. Congee, egg drop soup. Croissants and watermelon. Something for everyone. Best Bfast ever.

OL spilled OJ on table. Monzard is so disorientated without sleep.

I sunscreen up and we head to the subway. Today, we are doing the Bund tour courtesy of my Rough Guide to Shanghai. We decide to start from the Tiantong Lu station across Suzhou Creek.

Walk past the main post office. Turn on Wusong Lu to Suzhou Bei Lu beside the Suzhou Creek. We see the Orwellian Broadway Mansions, the Pujian Hotel and the Russian consulate before heading over Waibaidu bridge toward the Bund.

Did I mention it’s in the 90s and even the monzard is hot? Shanghai sun is baking me under my UV coated parasol.

After visiting the stark Heroes of the People monument, we seek shade in Huangpu park where sailor moon boy is beating trees with branches and breaking bamboo for the fun of it. Makes me hate little boys.

We head back above ground to take more pictures of Pudong’s skyline

and the Bund buildings across the street. Surreal to see all these western architectural marvels in Shanghai.

I’m a huge history buff when it comes to buildings in China. The Peace Hotel is stunning inside. Worth a gander.

Once in the a/c, we realize we are hungry and head to Subway on the Bund.

18 on the Bund is a super ritzy shops inside a gorgeous old building, we wander in and I find the rest rooms. Super clean.

We moved on to the Customs House and former HSBC building and rubbed the paws of the lions in front for luck. Saw the Waldorf Astoria in building #2. And the former signal tower.

Finished with the bund tour by 2 pm, we figure we’ll take the Bund Tourist Tunnel to Pudong to see the sex museum.

The tunnel is very cool lightshow and we enjoy it thoroughly.

However, looking forward to time in the museum out of the heat. Pudong becomes a monumental fuckout for us.

We get out of the tunnel and cannot find the China Sex Culture Exhibition. Go where the map indicates, but it’s not there. We circle around. End up walking along Binjiang dadao (riverside promenade) but cannot find it.

Stop at a tea house for some rest and they don’t know where it is. Wander back toward Oriental Pearl Tower in search of it.

Ask a few people but I don’t understand their directions. Then go to Oriental hotel and ask in English. They say it is closed. Grrrr.

We just wasted 2 hours trying to find this stupid museum that we really wanted to see.

We decide to check out the Hyatt lobby on the 54th fl of the Jinmao tower. This is an epic fail. We cannot figure out how to get to it. We get to the IFC mall but there is nowhere and I mean nowhere to sit. We try for JinMao again and end up back at IFC.

We give up on Pudong where nothing has gone well and jump on the subway back to the hotel. My knees start acting up. Everything hurts. I don’t want to walk anymore. Can’t think straight. Want to cry. Ofc, we are walking in wrong direction. Double back. Each step and I want to be struck dead. It’s hot and I’m at the end of my tenuous hold on myself.

OL asks if I want to rest. I say no I really want you to gut me like a fish.

Feeling a complete melting of my entire personality. Thank god the room has a/c. And they fixed the vent in the bathroom. Our room no longer reeks of cigarette smoke. I snack on some steak flavored cheetos and water.

Watched Out Of Africa, which made zero sense to both of us.

I ask OL if he wants dinner at food court or nearby restaurant. His hand is thrown over his brow and he says I don’t know.

So we went to Chinese restaurant near hotel again. I ordered everything in Chinese. Ofc, the waitress acted like I didn’t say tea correctly. She loves to correct my Chinese.

Had mu shu pork and OL had beef with potatoes. Delicious.

Came back to hotel for Internet and found out the fucking sex museum was moved to the canal town of Tongli that we plan to visit later this week. Are you kidding me?!

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  1. berry says:

    Great pics. Too hot to walk I’m that temp. U probably got dehydration. What s trip.

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