Technical Difficulties with WordPress App

You may have noticed the lack of pictures the past few days. There is a reason that is completely beyond my control.

You cannot use the site to upload photos to the blog on an IPad. I have to use the fucktarded WordPress app.

Unfortunately, the WordPress app has decided it has the correct password for uploading blog posts,but not for uploading pictures.

Btw they are one in the same.don’t get me started. This has been going on for a few days now and driving me batty.

There doesn’t appear to be a fix. Luckily, I am back in the states this weekend so next week I will pick up with my travel blog posts.

And huge apology that they aren’t real time, but China made that impossible by not allowing me to access my blog at all for three weeks.

To make up for it, I will start posting 6 days a week until I catch up. That will give me a bit of time to settle back into CT life, and get over this bout of sickness that has taken me down for over a week. Grrr.

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2 Responses to Technical Difficulties with WordPress App

  1. Lucas says:

    I hope you feel better! Looking forward to hear about your return stateside.

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