Goodbye Phuket!

We woke up at 9:45 for Bfast at The Orchid. I got the American breakfast for 150 baht. Fresh pineapple and watermelon, orange juice, scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, ham and sausage with coffee. OL got his yogurt with granola and fresh fruit.

Then we packed up all my souvenirs and taxied to the post office. Weighed 22lbs. Cost 100$ to send it all back to USA. Will arrive in a month.

Post office was super efficient here. Boxes sold there. Only accept cash though. We finished and doubled back along 4 lane super smoggy road. I coughed because my throat went suddenly crackly dry. Had to stop for gum break. Cut over to main road and up to Tai Na Rd for lunch at Lucky Tom’s.

I had the beef with oyster sauce and baby corn and satay chicken with Thai iced tea. OL had peanut curry chicken with rice. We split our final mango and sticky rice. Sigh.

We walked back and the clouds covered over the sun, but it got hotter with no breeze. Sweat dripped off me. So gross.

Rested in room and watched I’m Alive episode. One was a man stung by deadly jellyfish. Totally felt for him.

The other was about two hunters who wouldn’t let 9-11 interrupt their hunting holiday. Nope, the drove 16.5 hours to hunt since planes were problematic.

They are hunting elks when a bear hunts them. Kinda appropriate. I’m rooting for the bear because I hate killing of animals for sport.

So when one guy hides and the other gets mauled I kinda giggle. And when the hiding guy only comes out of hiding because his friend is screaming for help I giggle again.
Then the bumbling friend decides to pepper spray the bear. So he runs toward it spraying the pepper spray.

Do you see a problem here? He’s running into the stream of pepper spray. So he’s blinded.

He does get the bear though. But he can’t help his friend because he’s blinded.

It’s so Koliver. Ofc I’d be the jack ass with the pepper spray.

The program ends. We head to Kata Big Rock II for a Thai and coconut oil massage. Our final in Thailand. Delightful.

Return to the hotel relaxed. Watch more Discovery Channel. After OL showers, we have our final dinner at The Orchid. I have coconut water, satay chicken, and chicken in ginger. We each get the bananas in warm coconut milk for dessert.

Head back to the room to shower and pack up everything. We watch a show about crocodilian researchers. Crazy mofos. Swim with crocks. Eek.

We check out at 8:40 and find out checkout involves someone physically checking our room. Wow intense.

Guess they get lots of bad guests there. Hotel worker had a super thick accent. He says something to me and I’m like what? He repeats himself. I can’t figure out what he wants. I say to OL i can’t. I just cant. Ol takes over. We take a hotel run 1000 baht taxi to airport.

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