Our Perfect Thai Day

Didn’t roll out of bed until 11ish. For some reason I wake up more tired than I fell asleep feeling. We hit The Orchid for breakfast. Thai omelette and toast and coffee for me.OL has his yogurt thingy. It’s a frou frou breakfast so they always deliver it to me.

It’s overcast with thick white cloud coverage. We go to room to wait it out. I blog and OL reads. Around 1ish the maid demands to clean our room. We say 1hr. Then it’s decision time. It is agreed that we want to have a last beach day even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

We wanted to go to Nai Harn beach because it looked so clean and so nice yesterday. We tuk-tuk there. It’s pretty deserted although the rain has stopped. Still its super cloudy and windy. So the waves are rougher than usual and there is no swimming area.

But people still venture into the water. Fuck it. So do we. They cant all be stupid, right? Ol asks aren’t we doing it because they are?

The sand is courser and darker gold here. The water is still crystal green-blue. Even on a cloudy day.

The sand tends to drop off quickly and you have to be careful. Basically areas that look like cappuccino are Safest. It means there are sand bars and the sand is close to the surface. If it’s sparkling green blue be afraid. That shit is deep.

The sand is also unstable in the gullies between the sand bars and you can’t get a footing. Even in three feet of water. And it suddenly becomes five feet.

We stuck to where groups were. I turned to OL and said, “I always feel safer when dad’s around. Doesn’t have to be mine. Any dad will do.”

I also told him that if it comes down to me or him drowning, I’ll drown him and use him as a flotation device back to the beach. JK!

We had a ball wading in the water. OL complained that my breasts kept splashing him. It was the ocean waves rolling up my body. Though it did make a big splash.

We tried to build a castle but once again we got bogged down in the moat building. Or the ocean destroying our moat. The look of disgust on my face made OL laugh.

He suggests returning to the water for more waves and wading.

We had a late lunch at Food Mama an outdoor restaurant facing the ocean. Stunning. Even with some light rain. A daring bird stole some of OL’s chicken right off his plate as it was being served.

The rice came shaped like a star.
I had chicken in oyster sauce and rice. He had the garlic and pepper chicken. We both had coconut water served inside the coconut. And they gave us a platter of free fruit in season. Longan, rambutan, mangosteen, pineapple, and watermelon.

We kept our money in a ziplock bag in OL’s swim trunks’ secret zipper pocket. However, when we went to pay, the money was wet.

Best lunch ever in Phuket. This was how I envisioned Thailand.

After lunch, we ventured back into the water for more wading in the waves. OL again complained about how my breasts splashing him. This set off a splashing battle of sorts.

Neither of us really wants to blind the other and I’ve got contacts in. So it’s a silly playful thing.

We watched two couples compete over who is more lovey dovey. Each lifting their girlfriend into the waves.

woman with garish red lipstick in bikini freaks me out. How does she keep the lipstick on in the water?

Sun sets early down here. Starts getting sunsetty around 5:30. Twilightish. Peach and lavender skies.

OL and I talk about my future while two dogs come around and one goes to bed under OL’s chair. OL is supportive of the writing thing, but I’m starting to doubt that goal. Maybe achieving the dream of my Asia trip means it’s time to reassess other dreams and goals. Figure out what makes me happy.

The sky darkens and we realize it’s time to conduct a tuk-tuk search. We go back where our tuk-tuk dropped us off yesterday but the tuk-tuk stands are empty. In fact, the entire area looks closed for the season.

So we go back to where we ate lunch and wander. Finally, OL asks the massage ladies where we can get a tuk-tuk. They say there are none, but they have taxis. We walk to the taxi stand which had a tuk-tuk style bus sitting there. He agrees to take us back to the hotel for 400baht.

After two quick showers, we go to the massage place for a Thai and a coconut oil massage. The best massages ever.

We emerged punch drunk and sillified. Get two minor downpours as we search for book mark man. Not around, we head to the Orchid for dinner.

Again i must remind OL to remove his shoes before putting his monzard paws inside the laundry place.
At the Orchid, OL gets pork in peanut sauce. I get the prawns with glass noodles in a hot pot.

Big mistake. They serve the prawns with their legs and heads still on. I cant deal with deshelling them. Look ripping anything’s legs off seems barbaric. I can’t do it. I couldn’t even look at them without getting the gag reflex.

OL remains completely calm. Asking what I want to do. I say I can’t eat this. I secretly want to run of the restaurant rather than deal with confrontation and language barriers.

Finally, I ask for the menu to order something else. They are all perplexed by my actions. When the beef in oyster sauce comes I ask them to remove the prawn dish. It makes me feel ill.

We drink our coconut water and then finish with the bananas in warm coconut milk.
Best desert at the Orchid.

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