Kour’s Tour of Southern Phuket












I am yanked back to consciousness by the crinkling of plastic shrink wrap away from OL’s water bottle.

Monzard is awake and thirsty.

I roll over and stare at him. Gauging if this is a real wake up or a water and return to rest. He looks alert. Time to get up.

I was up at 6am with tummie troubles. Now it’s ten. Today we planned to explore. Plan to get a tuk-tuk.

But first a prawn Thai omelette and toast for me and bananas in porridge for OL at the Orchid.

Then we ask lobby about cost of tuk-tuk to Kata Noi beach and Laem Promthep.

Then we go to room and practice meditating. Decide to create our own tour hitting Laem Promthep viewing point at southern tip, Nai Harn beach, SamnakSong Nai Harn monastery, Kata Noi beach.

We ask the tuk-tuk driver cost and he says 1000baht for trip with stops. Then we set out. The ride is what I imagined Thailand to look like. Jungle, elephants, windy uphill roads. We pass Karon viewpoint and decide to add that on to the trip.

Laem Promthep is a famous place to watch sunsets. But on a sunny day the vistas are steal your breath away and you thank them amazing. The water is unbelievably clear and turquoise.

There’s a huge monument to elephants. A lighthouse. And Chin clipping views.

We walk back to tuk-tuk and go to Nai Harn beach. The most magnificent unspoiled beach in Phuket. Clear water. Way less garbage. More swimming areas too. Perfect turquoise, emerald green, and blue seas.

Unspoiled by tourists, jet skis, or shops. What I thought Phuket would be like.

Decide to come back tomorrow to go swimming on our last beach day here.

Samnak Song Nai Harn is very close and worth checking out. Small monastery. Just a few buildings. But one magnificent skillfully decorated temple.

We jumped back into the tuk-tuk and headed to Karon viewpoint, where you can photograph Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon beach. What a vista.

We headed down to Kata Noi beach which is as lovely at Nai Harn but had no swimming areas due to severe rip tides.

We took some pictures and leapt back into the tuk-tuk, requesting a drop off at the hotel. Because we added a stop and asked for a return to hotel we added150 baht. For 1200 baht we saw some truly stunning parts of Phuket.

We then did hotel photo taking of all 11pools. Then we cooled off in the room before lunching at The Orchid. I drank coconut water. It was refreshing and cooling. loved it!

I had the crab with glass noodles in a hot pot. Sure I had to work to get the meat out like a conquistador but OL laughed as crab juice spurted out at him. The meal was delicious. The glass noodles were so yummie. OL had the beef in oyster sauce.

For desert I had a coconut sundae and OL had the bananas in coconut milk.

Then we rested in room, susncreened up and hit the pool.

Later we walked to Lucky Tom’s for dinner. I had the chicken fried rice which was the best fried rice I’ve ever had. You could taste every ingredient that went into.

OL had the pineapple curry with pork. For desert, I had the fried bananas which were the best in Phuket. Big pieces of banana with a thin fried shell.

Then we walked back to hotel, searching for the book mark man who made 3-D book marks out of metal. He was no where to be found. 🙁

We ended the night with final souvenir shopping with Nana near our hotel. They have the most reasonable prices around. Got a few more statues and bags. Watched Meerkat Manor and went to bed.












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4 Responses to Kour’s Tour of Southern Phuket

  1. laurahartson says:

    this looks so fantastic! i really would like to make the trip, your shots are amazing

  2. Cynthia says:

    The pictures are gorgeous! Wish I could be at that beach. Glad you’re enjoying the food.

    • Thanks! Best food experiences on the Asia trip were Thailand. Everywhere else food was an obstacle. I loved your blog on the online con btw. Couldn’t comment cause I was in China.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?