Patong Shopping Sucks and Kata Tides Bring Garbage









We woke to blue white spotted skies. At 10:45am. Lol. Slowly motivated.

We opened the door and a gecko fell off the door and ran into our bathroom. I screech, “Shut him in the bathroom.” OL does.

Which leaves me worrying about what to do with the gecko in the bathroom. We can shower in the ocean I suppose. OL can pee in the woods.

This actually sounds rational for a second. Because I’m freaked by the gecko. Kept thinking about it over breakfast at The Orchid.

I had the pork Thai omelette and toast with coffee. OL had the yogurt with fresh fruit and granola. Both enjoyable.

By the time we finished, it was white overcast skies. And the maid had cleaned our room and left the bathroom door open. Gulp. Gecko on the loose.

We think she got rid of him because he hasn’t been seen since. We decide to check out the Patong beach and shopping.

It’s a bigger, way more touristy area. I was hopeful we’d get better prices.

We walked down to the main road and caught a tuk-tuk to Patong. 400 baht. Nice ride. We got dropped at the beach.

Where there are 4rows of chairs. A large police station. And tons of jet skis, parachutes, and other motorized ways to move over water. Very touristy.

The beach in Patong is smooth and flat golden sand. The water is shallow and gentler than Kata. You can wade out far without a problem.

But the vibe is so sketchy. Felt like I was being harassed every step I took to buy something or ride something.

Mind you I’m in pants and a tshirt with camera. Not exactly water entering gear.

Interestingly, there are very few Thai people in this area. All the stalls are manned by non-Thais who are super aggressive.

To the point where a woman grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go until I yanked it back.

Another seller yelled at OL for trying to help me bargain. That will kill a sale faster than anything for me. Raise your voice to me. Fuck you.

Bargaining is a bitch here. Worse than in kata. I wanted 3 pairs of pants. Worth maybe 900 baht total.

Usually OL and I work as a team. I decide to try on my own. Bad idea.

The woman opened with 2500 baht. I had a brain fart and came back with1500 baht. Had trouble doing the math in my head. Ended up paying 1700 baht. So not worth it.

I walked away realizing I just got screwed. My own fault.

Decided to think of it as training for China. Decide what something is worth and then go under it by a few hundred. Since sellers overprice By 80%.

Insanity. Clearly these people have tons of time to waste.

Overall a seedy nasty area. One stall owner called OL a bad person because he said we’d come back and we didn’t. Um guess what? My money, I can spend it wherever I want.

To us an example of what happens with excessive tourism destroying a place.
Reckless tourism without a development plan. After an hour, we took another tuk-tuk back to our area.

Went to Lucky Tom’s for lunch. We had a Chinese family of 3 order before us and they threw the entire restaurant off.

They literally ordered 8 dishes. And left half of everything behind. So beyond obnoxious. Look I get it’s a cultural thing at banquets to leave food behind as a show of wealth and prosperity.

But this was fucking lunch in a developing country. Just rude.

It took forever for us to get our food. The Thai iced tea was great as always.

I got the beef with oyster sauce and OL got the pineapple curry which was spicy and delightful to him. For desert, OL wanted dragon fruit but they didn’t have it. I had the banana pancake with honey.

We walked back to our hotel.

I decide i need a shopping win to end the day. So we go to buy t shirts. I get 3 tshirts for 500 baht. Felt pretty happy with that. OL is a tough bargainer.

I got into my bathing suit with t shirt over it and sun screened up. Then OL and I hit Kata beach.

Went to where yellow red flags say it’s safe to swim. Tide coming in, bringing in a good amount of garbage–plastic bags, plastic covers, etc.

Kinda ruining the perfect blue sky on the turquoise water vibe.

We sit back in the sand and OL tries to build a death trap in the sand–a barely covered over hole someone can fall into.

The ocean has other ideas and fills it in. So he moves onto hole digging. Then it becomes castle building.

I start working on a moat. The tide washes all our work away 10minutes later. So we try again. Further up the beach. Yeah. It lasts maybe 12 minutes.

But we had fun. We go back in the water to rinse off. Then the plastic gets to us again and we go back to moat building.

Not successful this time either. I start building the moat with my heels.

We survive 3 big waves. Then down with our castle.

Back to the water. We are slammed by the waves. But not thrown or overcome. Nice.

We walk back to hotel, shower by the pool and go up to the upper level pool because there are no kids there.

We swim. Watch the sun setting into peach splendor. Swim around. Then go to room to shower. So much sand in my bathing suit and me.

Watch Discovery Channel hubby and wife in the middle of nowhere trying to survive. On purpose. Laugh that if it was us, I’d have to be airlifted out in 2 hrs.

Go to The Orchid for dinner. I have satay chicken and sweet and sour Chicken with Mai tai. OL has sweet and sour pork. Everything is delicious.

I get the fried pineapple for desert and OL gets his coconut milk with bananas.

We head back to the room for more discovery channel. Realizing I am so not an adventure girl.








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