Phuket Beaches and Food Comas






Awoke to rain. But in Thailand the weather is very fluid. So we ate breakfast. A scrumptious crab meat Thai omelette with toast and coffee for me. Yogurt and muesli for OL.

Rain continued so we headed to room for some reading/blogging. Two hours later, starting to clear up and we realize we are hungry.

We head up to Lucky Tom’s for another wonderful meal. I have chicken satay and ginger chicken. OL had pork with red curry paste. We both had Thai iced teas and split the mango and sticky rice.

And I kicked OL’s ass at Connect Four.

We checked out Karon beach. Gorgeous waves but so not wading there. Way too rough. Headed back to Kata took more pics. Got to room and sun screened up. Took about 20 minutes. By time I was done, sky turned from blue to gray and threatening.

I still kept t-shirt on for sun protection.

OL overruled beach and we went to pool. Lucky too. Downpour in pool. So pretty and so refreshing to be rained on in pool. The water’s surface looks so amazing as the rain kisses it.

Swam for 40 minutes until cleared up.

Then went in search of Kata Noi beach. Thought we found it. Walked the whole thing. Gorgeous turquoise shaded water. Go to end and followed road back to main road. Near Lucky Tom’s. Turned out we were on Kata beach not Kata Noi.

Here’s the funny part, we convinced ourselves it was Kata Noi and so much prettier than Kata beach. Lol.

We walked all the way home. Changed and went to dinner at The Orchid. Had deep fried squid, chicken with peanut sauce and lemon pancake. But the lemon center was used and was too bitter. Ruined the pancake for me.

We picked up laundry and promptly refolded it. All wrinkly. But smelled great. Repacked suitcases.

OL showered and is now brushing his teeth. I’m getting ready to shower.
Another chill day in paradise.






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