Exploring Kata







Today we rolled out of bed at 10:30. Gasp. Laziness squared. We went to The Orchid for breakfast. The Thai omelette with pork was deliciously filling. The toast with butter was yummie too. coffee is strong, but sugar and creamer helped.

OL had the porridge with bananas, fresh pineapple, and juice.

We went back to the room to gather laundry and met a nice American with her two sons heading to go surfing. Found out her third son was off getting a tattoo–17 years olds.

We chatted about them being from Guam. The best massage place. And discovered she dropped her laundry where we planned to drop ours.

We dropped ours off for pickup tomorrow night. 300 baht each. Lol. 65 baht per kilo.

Since it was overcast and threatening rain, we went to the massage place the lady and her son recommended. Or she recommended and her son explained how to get to.

300 baht for a coconut oil massage for me and 250 baht for OL’s Thai massage. One hour for $10.

The massage left me a butter pool on the floor. Seriously, I could not think straight for a while. Nor did I want to. OL also felt drunk.

We went back to our room and put on bathing suits. Sun screened up. Headed to Kata beach. Ofc, the red flags were up indicating no swimming because of the rip currents. People were in the water.

We rationalized going in up to our waist as wading not swimming. The currents didn’t seem to care.

They picked me up and tossed me on my ass across the sand when I was in 2 feet of water. Knocking you on your ass force.

I bounced hundreds of feet. And once I came out of my top. OL ofc told me right away. Wicked waves.

We played in the water until we tired and then sat in the sand chilling. A married couple approached us and chat us up. The husband said he never thought he’d see someone whiter than his wife on the beach.

They were from Reading, PA and have been vacationing here for 25 years. They gave us some advice on eating Thai food not the European or American food here.

Told us Kata is the best family beach and Karon is more for young people. Super friendly. Even invited us to a show with them. Though it’s very pricey. $75.

We went back in the water again. Tossed all over again. Then we laid on our towels. Re sun screened to walk the beach. Discovered there are red/yellow flags to indicate areas for swimming. Where the tide isn’t riparrific.

We double back for our stuff and relocate to there. Then we head into the water. What a difference. We are no longer fighting to maintain our footing.

The water on Kata beach is outstanding. Clear enough to see your feet in 5 feet of water. The sea floor is sand and soft for walking on. Very little sea weed.

From the shore, the water is shades of blue-green. With two small islands off the coast. Picture perfection.

We lay on the beach a while, realizing we haven’t eaten in a while. This triggers us to meander back to the hotel for showers. I snack on lays extra barbecue chips while OL showers.

Walking up to Lucky Tom’s for dinner, I decide we have to do some shopping on the way back. OL agrees.

At Lucky Tom’s, I opt to eat less and not repeat diarrhea by avoiding spicy. I have a Thai iced tea–so good–because we saw they used bagged ice.

I had beef and oyster sauce with rice. OL had it with pork. Then he had mango and sticky rice. I had a pancake and iced cream.

But the pancake was more like what would happen if a pancake and cake had a child. So delish.

And you drizzle honey over it.

We walked back and had a souvenir shopping frenzy. Buddhas, gods, bag, scarves, dress, change pouches, leather cuts, chopsticks, elephant figurine.

Blew through $100.

The super sweet salesgirl explained to us that elephants as gifts must have the upright trunk for good luck. It is best to buy in pairs with them and gods.

I accidentally broke up a god/goddess couple and had to go back to get the matching mate from her.

OL and I were in the grips of shopping fever. We snuck into the upper pools to cool off as. Both beyond glistening and totally dripping sweat. The pool was the perfect ending to our day.







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