International Travel Etiquette



1. Wear deodorant/antiperspirant/perfume. No one wants to smell your stench and trust me you stink and it impacts everyone’s ability to enjoy site seeing and meal eating.
2. The menu is there for a reason. If you want to create your own meal, might I suggest you cook at home?
3. Ordering 2-4 times more food than you will ever eat is just wasteful and rude.
4. Pretending you are besties with the locals doesn’t make you cool. It just makes you a douche.
5. Insisting on eating your country’s cuisine in a foreign country is stupid. You miss out on the local cuisine and run the risk of getting sick. Trust me your country’s food is not eaten as often as the native food.
6. Leaving garbage/cigarette butts on the beach or the street is disgusting.
7. Don’t destroy a foreign country doing stuff you’d never do in your home country.

8. Sidewalks are for two way pedestrian traffic. Don’t walk five abreast and shove oncoming pedestrians into the street.
9. Elevators work this way: doors open, people get out first, then enter. This is not difficult.Or shouldn’t be. Practice at home.



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