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We slept around 6 hours. As I changed into my clothes, I noticed blood stains inside my I <3 HK T-shirt. Seeing no cut on my back, I freak that the airport giftshop sold me a bloody T-shirt.

We headed to breakfast in town. Natalie's near the Sugar Palms hotel had an American breakfast special for 180 baht and a continental breakfast special for 120 baht. Basically 10$US. Pricey for thailand, but in line with our budget.

We grabbed some water at the 7-11 and walked back to the hotel for a few hours of swimming…in our 11 pools. We tried out 5 of them. Black tiled fading pools. Overlooking Kata. From the higher ones you can see Kata beach.

Some were heated. Some had waterfalls. Some were wading pools, some deeper. All delighted goldielocks aka OL.

He leapt from pool to pool like a frog in late spring. So relaxing. Temperature was cooler than HK. Raining on/off and all afternoon.

After a two hour swim and rinse off in our shower, OL and I headed to Lucky Tom's which is the #1 restaurant in Phuket on TripAdvisor.

The walk there was treacherous since the sidewalk disappears and the vehicles on the roads don't seem to care about pedestrian lives. The second problem was that the are no street signs to indicate when we reached Tai Na Rd. Poor OL kept asking vendors if we were there yet.

Nope. We didn't overshoot it. Kept walking. Finally reached the street. Took in sites of Phuket along the way.

Finally found Lucky Tom's. It lived up to all the hype. The owner are Lucky and his wife, Tom. A lovely couple. They see to all your needs and genuinely care about whether or not you loved your meal.

I had the coconut and chicken soup. An absolute pleasure to eat. Fresh lemongrass and ginger with tomatoes and chicken.

For an entree, I had the peanut curry with chicken. Lip tingling and throat scaringly spicy.

OL had the green curry. For desert, I had mango with sticky rice. Reminded me of all my Thai dinners in college with friends.

We walked back completely satiated. The humidity increased. Sweat poured off me. We stopped at a few shops along the way. I picked up post cards and scarves. Eyeballed some cool statues but didn't make a purchase yet.

Realized 1/3 of the way home that spicy does not cool me off despite popular belief. Also it doesn't agree with me. Luckily, I make it home before tummie troubles begin.

Did some more swimming until 8 and then grabbed dinner at The Orchid next door to our hotel. The prices are the best in our area. Great service. Quick food arrival.

I had the deep fried prawns for 80 baht and the ginger chicken for 80 baht. And the deep friend banana and ice cream for 70 baht. My entire meal was under $10 including the coke light and the steamed rice.

OL had the sweet and sour pork and bananas in coconut milk. Definitely going back for breakfast tomorrow.








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