Thailand Here We Come!






We land well. Thank God for ear plugs. We had a baby crying the entire descent.

Disembarking is shades of Easy Jet. We walk down stairs to board a bus to ride to the terminal.

We get in line for immigration which consists of 15-20 lines all moving at different paces. Line jumpers abound each time a new lane opens up. It’s a free for all. People are laughing because overeager line jumpers leap before a line forms and then flow back to original line.

Girl in pink tutu light up sneakers and pastels all around dances with family.

Immigration takes my picture and I move on.

Get bags. No sign of ATM near baggage claim. Spy on near the gaggle of taxi hawkers. Get 5000 baht. 170$ US.

The taxi situation at the airport is whack. No central place to get a taxi. Have to bargain with each individual taxi guy. Pain in the ass. And shady. Especially at 12 am Phuket time and 1am HK time. OL gets the guy from 800 to 650 baht. We walk to his car.

Trunk can only hold 1 suitcase so OL’s ends up beside driver. Car doesn’t start. Takes several tries. Sounds like it is sputtering toward death.

Driving takes an hour to hotel. Can’t see much. We arrive at hotel, Sugar Palms Hillside, around 1:30. Check in is super smooth. Hotel people are very friendly.

Our room is on first floor. So quick elevator ride up. The rest of the rooms go up the entire hillside. Our room is huge! Very modern.

Giant bathroom with shower that feels like a personal rainstorm. Water trickles down trough of stones running length of the floor. Giant blossom shower head makes you feel like a water nymph in your natural habitat. Tub has glass window into room with shades. Perfect for a quick getaway with your mistress.

The main room is huge. King size bed, flat screen tv. Wall of windows overlooking a couple pools. Balcony. Sigh. Absolute luxury for $30 a night. Epic paradise.

Super clean too. Free robes, slips, and beach slippers.

We unpack at 2 am and take showers. The shower water dances over your skin making you feel graceful and beautiful. I almost felt like I was part of performance art.

OL laughed and agreed when I said that to him later.





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  1. laurahartson says:

    pretty jealous. i think Thailand is definately the next one to tick off my list.

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