Leaving Hong Kong



We ask for cab to come earlier and it arrives at 5:55 instead of 6:15.

Ride to airport involves trunk not being shut and us fearing our luggage will fly out onto freeway.

We drive by all the skyscrapers of HK. Sad to say goodbye. Nice to know we’ll see her again before going home.

We arrive in 35 minutes. Check in goes smoothly. Then I hit Burger King for dinner. Random guy conversing with self while eating. Seems more like 2 personalities conferring.

Then we go to immigration where they neglect to mention we need to fill out a departure card. I race to grab them and we slip to back of line to fill them out.

Train to gates. Indian group fighting about something and not paying attention to gates.

Arrive at gate. I leave OL to search for water and return with 3 t-shirts and water. Lol. I love airport giftshops because I can pay in US $ on credit card. And they have things in Barbarian sizes.

Wait at gate 21 to board plane. I insist plane takes off at 9:25. OL shows me online ticket says 9:10 and gate says 9:10.

We board and hang out on runway until about 9:25.lol.

The best is the Chanel girl with her Chanel purse, Gucci carryon, sporting sunglasses and an all black outfit with gaga style heels. She is appalled to be seated in the back of the plane with the common people. The entire plane is economy btw. Someone has delusions of grandeur.

We are flying Air Asia to Phuket. It’s a step above Easy Jet. The stewardesses greeted us with a typical Thai greeting of hands pressed together and a slight bend forward, saying hello in Thai.

But it’s a giant fall from Cathay Pacific. Everything costs extra. Seats. Food. Water. A blanket. Surprise they don’t have pay toilets.

It’s a 3.5 hour flight to Phuket. We are about half way through it.


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