Last Day in Hong Kong






Our last day in Hong Kong involves sleeping in to 9:30. I of course awaken at 6, 8, 8:45, and finally 9:15. At that point, I get up.

OL doesn’t stir. Monzards need their sleep. More importantly, they need time to awaken properly or they are cranky pants all day.

We head to Cafe Kenon. Its gasp sunny out. I make a mental note to suscreen up before i finish packing the suitcase later.

Cafe Kenon has become our place. The waitress knows exactly what we want. I love that my cappuccino has a heart swirled into the foam. Sigh. I’ll miss our Bfast place.

Repackage my suitcase. Check out at 12pm and leave luggage.

Chide to hunt down another memory chip for my camera. I got a 16GB, but I’m already half full.

OL Leads me via underground subway at Times Square to Windsor House. I ask the guy if he has memory chips for camera. He asks how big I want. I say how big do you have. Turns out 16GB is it for them. So I buy it.

OL and I browse through Windsor House. Lots of pricey restaurants. So we make our way to the basement where the cheap eats are usually hidden away.

Had a delicious lunch of pork ramen at Ajisen Ramen with 3 dumplings. OL gets the pork and ginger lunch meal on rice with soup and veggie. The waitress puts his food in front of me and I start picking at it. Thought I ordered soup.

Luckily, I’m timid and OL is forceful. He asks if that is his meal and I’m like hmm could be.

OL pronounces it one of the top three meals he’s consumed in HK.

After a pee break, I demand Haagen-Dazs. 1 scoop of green tea on a cone. Perfect ending to lunch.

We have more time to kill before the flight to Thailand, so we decide to visit the nearby Victoria Park.

It’s surprisingly lovely and well laid out. We watch the middle aged men race their toy speedboats on the pool. Hysterical.

Wander onward to catch tai chi wi swords. Then onto a topiary garden. I ask OL what time is it. He reaches into his pocket to yank out his watch head without wristbands.

Mind you this is his third clock on the trip. He’s got a alarm clock that refuses to change time zones and gets us up too early, another wristband less watch head that started loosing time. And this timepiece that keeps getting stuck in his mini Jean pocket.

And then I hear it. The sickening shattering thunk of the glass face slamming into the sidewalk.

I know it’s broken. But I can’t help looking. The face is smashed.

Giggles erupt. It’s so wrong to laugh and yet the laugh won’t listen.

OL is the epitome of placid seas. No ripple in his surface. He walks over to the garbage. Doesn’t toss the watch in. No. He starts banging the shattered crystal face against the inside of the garbage can.

He’s on a salvage mission. I’m crying from laughing so hard.

Patiently, he knocks every shard out of the face. Then he nods to himself like this is the first step in his mission.

I’m like you can’t use that without the face. Every time you slide it in and out of your pocket the time will change.

He ponders this and says I’ll have to replace the face.

I offer plastic bag as a solution.

OL Ofc magically produces a transparent umbrella bag from his backpack. And sets to work on recreating his watch crystal.

The a couple of starts and stutters here. A few do overs. Heck, he’s building a proto type. He needs to trim the bag down.I produce a pen. He improvises with pen and teeth to rip through that bag.

Spitting pieces of plastic. I caution him there is no spitting in HK. Even of plastic bags. Double fine for littering and spitting. Tsk. Tsk.

He discovers that two layers of plastic isn’t enough. Nope. He needs to fold it over and get 4.

We marvel at his masterpiece. He’s as intrepid as Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel.

We head back to Times Square. I consider buying a watch because I don’t have much faith in OL’s prototype. But I can’t find one I like.

We hit McDonalds for OL’s dinner and Tin Lok bakery for my buns.
Back to hotel to wait for cab to airport. Random Russian starts chatting me up. Don’t get excited. He’s 70ish.




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  1. laurahartson says:

    sorry to hear its your last day it always sucks a bit when a trip ends but i loved the photos!

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