The Walled City and the Hong Kong History Museum











Early wake up to journey outside the city proper to Yuen Long district to see an old walled city in Kam Tin.

Breakfast at Cafe Kenon on Canal Road East. OL gets his typical breakfast of yogurt and I get my British breakfast and cappuccino.

We go back to room to prepare for our mini-adventure. Decide to take bus to Central from stop outside Cosmo hotel. Bus 10 arrives and we jump on. At Central subway stop we disembark and walk through underground link to Hong Kong station.

At Hong Kong station we take the Tung Chung line to Kam Cheongsam and transfer to the West Rail Line to Yuen Long. The subway transfers are pretty easy and the subway ride uber smooth.

The public restroom at Yuen Long station is decent for a pee break.

We asked the info booth guy how to get to Kam Tin. He checks map and tells us bus 74k or 64k at exit G2.

Exit the station and sense this will be difficult. But we’ve come this far. And everything else in HK went super easy.

So we descent to the buses. Find our bus. And try to figure out which stop to take. Unfortunately, the bus stops are confusing with multiple names at one circle on the map. So we think it’s seven stops since it’s seven names down.

However it is really four. Eek. Luckily I notice we are at the next stop and we hop off and walk back.

Here’s where things get confusing…again. The Kam Tin walled village is actually called Kat Hang Wai. There are info signs but nothing for the Kam Tin walled village. Just Kat Hang Wai. So Walk that way.

And find an old wall around a bunch of apartments. The moat had been replaced with a cement moat.

We paid the $HK 3 to enter the main gate. The wall is still intact, but everything inside the wall is newer. Somewhat dingy. But nothing like the old walled city described in the guidebook.

Um and cockroaches the size of my thumb. There wasn’t much to do or see inside for tourists. I kinda felt like i was intruding on someone’s property. Like I shouldn’t be there.

As we walked back to the entrance and old woman wore a Hakka style hat and asked if we wanted a picture. She was cute and so we did.

OL took 2 pictures and then she said enough. We walked back to the bus stops and waited for a double decker to take us back to the subway.

Minor problem, the subway wasn’t marked on the bus stops. So we guessed at where we needed to go. And guessed wrong. By one stop. So we got off and walked back in Yuen Long. I munched on a red bean paste bun to keep my energy up. Got back on the subway.

Decided to spend the afternoon at the Hong Kong Museum of History. We stayed on the West Line to East Tsim Sha Tsui. Exited via exit p2 and searched for lunch food. But this area is all 100+HK$. Ick. So we circle and found Delifrance to grab sandwiches for $HK 116 total.

We walked onward to the museum and got momentarily caught in the line for the air and space museum. Turns out Wed is free museum day. Luckily we get into the Hong Kong Museum of History, which turns out to be a phenomenally cool museum.

Organized in 7 time periods, you get a discovery channel walk-through of Hong Kong: natural environment, prehistoric HK, the Dynasties, folk culture in HK, opium war and HK handover to British, early growth of the city, Japanese occupation, and modern metropolis and return to China.

We spent about 2.5 hours wandering through the exhibits, but skipping the movies.

It was especially cool to have explored the city and see what the areas once looked like. We even saw a model of the Kam Tin walled village we visited earlier in the day.

The giftshop however had nothing museum related. Very disappointing. It was just a giftshop for Hong Kong. I wanted to buy a souvenir but couldn’t find one specific to the exhibit. Not even a Hong Kong Museum of History t-shirt.

We walked back to the subway taking the Tsim Sha Tsui train to Admiralty and switching to the Chai Wan line for one stop to get off at Causeway Bay station and Times Square.

Stuck behind affectionate boyfriend and pissed off girlfriend. Highly amusing to watch. Then we parked our butts on benches in the mall for a spell.

We exited and went to take pics of Harry Potter movie advertisements.
Finally ending up at Maxim’s MX on Hennessy Rd. We both got the roast duck and other roasted meat dinner set that came with soup, rice, tea and veggies for $HK 41.

Then hit Tin Lok bakery got peanut butter bun, coconut bun, and custard bun. All yummie.

Came back to room to pack for Thailand.










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5 Responses to The Walled City and the Hong Kong History Museum

  1. laurahartson says:

    its like a totally different world but it looks like you are having a great time!

  2. indiaphare says:

    Sounds like a great trip. The museum in particular looks awesome – I would love to see the folk culture bit.

    • It was one of the best summers of my life. My friend was not a museum lover, so I tried to find the coolest museum in each city to visit. Hong Kong had such an eclectic and unique history, it was great to be guided through it all at the museum. 🙂

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