Harry Potter and Tin Lok Bakery–Wan Chai Day




We decided to slow the pace and have a lighter day today. First plan was to climb Tai Mo Shan. That went bye bye when we heard about the hard uphill climb. Also it’s rainy and foggy so there will be no vistas from the top.

Next plan was to head to Repulse Bay and go swimming. We awoke to clouds and a downpour that lasted half an hour and threatened to come again soon.

OL suggests going to see Harry Potter in English. Turns out Times Square theater has it in English and 3-D. We attempt to buy the tickets on-line and discover you can select your seats. Very cool.

However the verified by visa function is not working and I cannot complete the transaction. Grrr.

I need to send some souvenirs back to US via parcel to lighten my suitcase. We ask the front desk concierge and he directs us to the red building across a couple streets. We can’t find it because it’s the building behind the red building.

Postal worker very helpful. Gives me a box to pack. We do that and shipping comes to 225hk$ and will arrive in the US in a month.

We decide to walk over and buy the tickets in advance and grab lunch. We get them at UA Cinemas.

Then hit Maxim’s MX for lunch. We go in the wrong entrance. Then find it across the street from Causeway Bay Plaza on first floor which btw is the second floor in the US. But they consider entry floor the ground floor and next level is first floor.

Line moves quickly. I get Hainan chicken set for 35$ HK and a coke zero. OL get the barbecued pork and rice for $HK 28.

I grab us seats while OL queues up again for picking up the food. Mine is tasty and exactly what I expected. OL likes his as well. Cheaper than restaurants and better quality food. What’s not to love? We’re going back there again.

We wander around the mall and I fall in love with Birkenstocks (the shoes of my teen granola grunge years). I ask for my size 39 and they guy’s eyes bulge like I am a giant. He tells me they don’t carry that size.

We wander to Ben and Jerry’s and then back to cinemas.

We are 15 minutes before 3:30 movie time, but they don’t let us in. So I get a small chocolate popcorn (think cracker jacks with chocolate).

Of course a family of four rushes to get in front of us and none of them know what they want. So we wait while they shout across the lobby asking what each person wants. Ugh.

HK theatre lets you in 5 minutes before the movie starts. The seats are leather and so comfy. They only have 1-2 previews before the movie begins. Nice.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II was an extravaganza for Potter fans. A decadent and satiating ending to one of the best series of my life.

Seeing it in 3-D was wow. Just wow. Loved it! Wish all Harry Potter movies were done that way.

Chinese subtitles were in 3-D which was really cool too.

We came outside to more rain and fog. Though the temperature was cooler. We walked back to the hotel for a rest before dinner.

Had dinner at a nearby place in Wan Chai. OL had beef with peppers and I had pork on crunchy Vermicelli noodles. Tasty and under 100$HK.

We walked to a bakery, Tin Lok Bakery on Tin Lok St. where it was buy 2 get one free on bao. I got a green tea with red bean paste bun and a coconut bun with sesame seeds on top. Best buns so far here. Yum.

Walked to Times Square because I decided I wanted the Harry Potter t-shirt, but they were sold of Griffindor and only had a tiny Medium of Ravenclaw. Should have got it earlier. Grrrr.

Came back to hotel to eat delish buns. Gonna check online for Potter tshirts.



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  1. Lucas says:

    This sounds like a nice relaxing day of relaxation and good food 🙂

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?