Big Buddha and Food courts





Alarm goes off at 8:30 and I leap from my bed eager to see the big Buddha. OL doesn’t move.

I get dressed and start checking email. One of OL’s eyes slits open. Mornin.

Finally the OL beast rises.

We walk to cafe Kenon for our typical breakfast. Leave the hotel by taxi to Hong Kong subway station. Navigate the station going to level 3 underground to get on the subway.

The Octopus cards were super handy. Scan to enter and when you get off subway scan again to deduct fare. Just tap your wallet. Ofc, OL’s doesn’t work in his wallet.

The subway is very clean and well-organized. Ride to Tung Chung stop at the end of the orange line. 30 minutes to arrive there.

A quick walk across the street takes you to Ngong Ping 360, the cable car to the big Buddha and the monastery. There are several types of tickets. I recommend you order yours online the day before to jump the line.

If you don’t mind heights, splurge on the crystal cable car with the see-through floor for 169$HK. Otherwise, go with the basic cable car for 115$HK but be prepared to wait.

Overall, we spent 45 minutes in line. Then we took a cable car ride of 25 minutes with 6 other people. Great shots and views. Watched planes taking off from the airport and saw the big buddha.

Fog impaired our view of the Buddha. Grr. We stopped in the Ngong Ping Village for lunch at subway. The sandwich meal set is a nice deal at50$HK.

There are free Shaolin performances in the village square. The shops are mostly overpriced tourist traps. Best souvenir places are closest to the monastery and the Buddha.

The walk to the Buddha is pleasant enough. The 268 steps is a workout especially in high humidity. Sweat dripped into my eyes heat. The Buddha is awe-inflicting.

The monastery has some ornate and lovely temple rooms.

Given the oppressive clammy heat, we skipped the Buddha poles with the heart sutra and the fishing village.

We took the cable car back down and subwayed back to Times Square. Hit the food court where you order, pay a central cashier, then bring receipt and pick up your food.

Had dumplings and sweet and sour chicken. No bones. No cartilage. Very tasty.

Walked back to hotel for a rest. Around 8:30 we head out for late dinner. This time we strike out. Can’t find anything that has what we both want. I wanted congee or wonton and OL avoids eggs. Some reason we couldn’t work these together.

Ended up at cheap and bad restaurant. Over salted everything. The wonton was some shrimp dumpling. The broth so salty I couldn’t drink it. One bite and I was done. OL had the broccoli and oyster sauce.

Swung by McDonalds for me and I ate a burger in the room.

God, I hate cantonese food. When I was in Beijing it was so easy to eat. But here it’s all cartilage and tendons and tails and on the bone. Ew.







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4 Responses to Big Buddha and Food courts

  1. berry says:

    What greatpics. McDonald’s thank-you. Keep the blog coming.

  2. Lucas says:

    Big B looks so serene sitting there like a gorilla in the mist. 🙂 Food souds yucky. Glad you found the McDonald’s. Sometimes you just need a burger. Loved the description of OL the beast rising from his man cave. Can’t wait to read/see what happens next! 🙂

    • It was definitely worth visiting. So serene and beautiful too. That’s exactly what it’s like. Waiting for a hibernating bear to wake up. Can’t move or make too much noise until it’s clear he’s awake and ready to get out of bed.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?