Let’s Go To Stanley!





After yesterday’s exhausting Kowloon on foot self guided tour of 10 hours, we decided to make today a chill day. We slept in until 10:30. Then we got dressed and headed to our favorite breakfast place, Cafe Kenon.

Too slow to motivate though. We got there after 11:30 and couldn’t get the breakfast menu. So we left and wandered around Times Square. Things were looking pretty bleak until we stumbled on a McDonald’s.

OL loves McDonalds and I’m a huge fan too. Problem solved. Double cheeseburger meals for both of us. And breakfast costs 58 HK$.

Search for giant bottled water and meandered near World Trade Center. Finally get some at 7-11. Then back to hotel to freshen up.

We have the best concierge ever here at the Cosmopolitan hotel. They are wonderfully helpful. He tells us we can catch bus 6 or 6x to Stanley a block up the hill from our hotel on the opposite side of the street.

Tomoko recommended the street market to us as quintessential HK experience. Buses btw require the octopus card or exact change. They will take more $ than required for ride, but never make change.

It’s 8.4 HK$ each to Stanley. We get on bus 6. Double decker bus and we head to top. The bus driver starts driving and I nearly fall back onto OL on the stairs up. Once safely seated, we drive through a tunnel heading toward Tomoko’s.

We pass Repulse Bay beach and decide to check it out on the way back. Great scenic ride. But very bumpy on top level.

OL watches the sign to see where the next stop is and also picks up on how others hit the bell button to request a stop.

We arrive in Stanley in about 20 minutes. The bus stop is super close to the market. Literally across the street.

As we enter the market, I tell OL, we are going to walk through once before we buy anything. 5 minutes later, I’m making a purchase.

Picked up T-shirts, fans, box, picture, and scarves.

Loved this outdoor market because the sales people weren’t pushy and they had prices on things but sometimes would bargain a bit. The prices were much more reasonable than the Temple Street Market in Kowloon.

Stanley St. Market is the place to pick up all your tourist treasures. It was also a bit cooler because we were on the water.
Then we went to get lunch everything along the water is 120$HK per person and up. Eek. So out of our budget. So we wander around.

At the main entrance to the market find a Delifrance. Sandwiches and spaghetti dishes in the 30$HK to80$HK range per person (7$HK ~1$).

This is where OL and I have a sorta fight. We are heading back toward the expensive waterfront restaurants that we agreed were too expensive. I say let’s go to the sandwich shop (meaning Deli france), but he thinks I mean the waterfront sandwich shop.

We realize we fight over weird shit where we agree on the goal but miscommunciate on the getting there. But we are usually in agreement as we disagree.

Delifrance has tasty sandwiches. We then head back to the waterfront. Sat by water and chatted. Then we hit a couple temples. Worth seeing. Great air-conditioned bathrooms in the Stanley Plaza. Though the whole mall is being reconstructed around you.

We catch the 6x to Repulse Bay but make the mistake of getting off at 110 Repulse Bay. Which means we have to walk 1.5 miles and 4 bus stops to the actual Repulse Bay Beach. Along a treacherously curvy road. With double decker buses and single person wide sidewalks.

Finally reach the beach and it’s OL, Kour and 100 mandarin speaking tourists. Stick my feet in the water and of course giant waves gets my pants wet. Looks like I peed myself.
Sand was super coarse felt sharp and painful to walk on, but as we got closer to water it got softer.

Picked up a couple pebbles. 7ish we found bus stop back to Wan Chai. Btw, the sun sets early down here. Like 7:30.

Bus dropped us right in front of Cosmo hotel. Right next door to our Cosmopolitan Hotel. Nice.

Rested up. Then out for dinner. Stumbled on Sichuan place near Times Square–Lip burning spicy. Eggplant. Then sweet and sour spare ribs. Tasty. Had hong kong tea yummie. Cooled mouth off from Sichuan spicy eggplant.

We got me a pineapple bun, hit the ATM and found the basement food court at Times Square. Explored the MTR subway system. Bought the octopus card. A refillable transportation card for subways and buses.

Asked our concierge about how to get to Lantau Island Giant Buddha and planned tomorrow’s itinerary.




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4 Responses to Let’s Go To Stanley!

  1. Lucas says:

    Stanley was a great success in that you found some good prices on keepsakes. I think the name Repulse Bay is funny – at first I thought that was a joke. Great picture down by the water! Very seductive and fun. Can’t wait to hear about Giant Buddah next 🙂

  2. Cynthia says:

    I’m loving all these pictures you’re posting, especially your food shots and the pics you posted of the city at night! The picture you posted of the chandeliers in the coffee shop was also pretty interesting. It sounds like you’re having a real adventure.

    • Thanks! I tend to go a little picture happy when I travel. 🙂 the chandelier restaurant is Cafe Kenon our breakfast place. My camera takes pretty good night shots so I can capture the entire day. Everyday is a new challenge. But I really like HK.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?