Star Ferry to Kowloon






We were awakened at 3:30 am by some drunk ass munch repeatedly sliding his room card into our slot (causing a beeping noise) and then when it didn’t unlock he proceeded to jerk the handle and try to force his way in.

This went on for a while before it woke us up. He tried about 11 times. I wanted to kill him with a rusted nail to the eye.

I get trying 1-3 times but don’t you stop and check the room number. Wtf?

So we finally fall asleep.i wake up to OL’s alarm clock 9:30 am. He doesn’t. So i get up and bring it to him. Without opening his eye more than a crack, he turns it off. OL makes me look like a morning person.

I get up and get ready. About 29 mins later, OL slithers out of bed. I do email as he gets ready.

Breakfast is easy at cafe kenon which has become our place. A Caucasian jogger comes in and demands that his order be brought outside to him. He also demands to know the orange juice contains sugar. I can’t stand when people get persnickety and overly demanding.

OL and I watch the guy doing stretches outside. Total nutcase.

We return to room after eating and prepare for day in Kowloon.

OL navigates us to the star ferry station in Wan Chai. Ride over is gorgeous views of Victoria Harbour.

We disembark and head to Nathan Road. How many Rolex and Tiffany’s does one street need? 6 and 2 it seems. We head to Ashley Road for lunch. One woman tries to corral us into an elevator to the restaurant.

We leave because it’s very confusing how it works. End up at Delicious Kitchen. Great eggplant dish. OL loves his cashew chicken. I did not like my sweet and sour pork because it was a pork ball with bones and cartilage. I hate cartilage in my food. But the service was good.

We stop in a park to rest on our search for Tin Hau Temple. Later we wander up to what we think is temple street but it isn’t. We realize we overshot the temple.

Double back, we stumble on stalls selling sex toys. Cause that’s where you want to buy your vibrator.

A few more blocks and we find the temple. Guess what? The park we rested in is the backyard of the temple.

Dumbasses. Tin Hau Temple is very incense filled. Air is so heavy and thick with incense you can barely breathe. Compared to temples I saw on the mainland this is a definite to skip.

Then. Find the real Temple street and pick up some souvenirs. Embroidered pictures, beaded bracelet, t-shirts.

We go back to Nathan Road to hit a mall and pee. The bathrooms are always in the exits. But very clean and nice. So weird.

We rest in bubble chairs at Miramar Shopping Centre and then head back to Temple street for the night market. But it’s not what we expected. Not stalls with lots of foods. More restaurants with exotic foods. Nothing we’re in the mood for.

We go back to Ashley Roadw and end up at Delicious Kitchen again. Awesome wonton soup for me and fried shredded beef with pepper for OL.

We walk over to the Avenue of the Stars and see the Hong Kong Island skyline. Wow. Double wow. Stunned. Then they do the Symphony of Lights at 8pm where the buildings light up and shoot lasers into sky.

It runs 15 minutes and is very popular. Get there at least 30-45 minutes early for a good spot.

We head back to the star ferry exhausted and are swarmed by drunk Brits singing and acting obnoxious. Ugh. They clog the line for the ferry tokens. We sit and wait. Let them take their own ferry over.

We get back to Hong Kong island and walk home. OL leads the way. Stop at cute Chinese place in Wan Chai with good picture menu and Chinese soap opera on tv. I have lemon chicken.

Back to room where another rainstorm breaks out. Hand washing pants and bra. Feet are so tired. They may never walk again.






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4 Responses to Star Ferry to Kowloon

  1. Lucas says:

    What gorgeous pictures! Delicious kitchen sounds good. Except fort the bones and cartilage – ew.

    • Thanks! I blew through half a 16GB memory card on my camera in HK. There is so much to take pics of there. I don’t mind big bins but tiny ones and cartilage. It was such a turn off for me. But the wonton rocked. 🙂

  2. berry says:

    Light show looks amazing. Best pics yet

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?