From Wan Chai to Repulse Bay





We slept 12 hours last night. Woke up at 9:15 feeling human again. Big plus of being in a tropical New York? My hair is super curly. Like Marilyn Monroe in the Amazon.

We take our time getting up then head toward Times Square for breakfast. End up at Cafe Kenon again. Get inside as sky opens up again. Seems to rain intermittently all day but only for 10-15 minutes at a clip.

Repeat yesterday’s breakfast. Except OL opts for hot chocolate. Then we walk back to hotel for bathroom time and serious teeth brushing.

Couple in subway seem to have broken up. She has moved out and set up her own tent across from his.

We decided to check out subway system at Causeway Bay station today and then grab a quick lunch before adventuring to visit my friend Tomoko in Repulse Bay.

Except we changed our minds and never made it to the subway.

Instead we checked out the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center. Of course as we walk, rain breaks out. OL picks up an umbrella at 7-11 which is very popular in Hong Kong. It rains most of our walk there. Luckily, there are overpasses that keep us sheltered as we cross multiple lane roads and navigate around the buildings.

Lots of restaurants with English menus there. We decide to grab lunch there. After we get some pics of the harbor. Rain however has brought it’s buddy fog along and our shots are pretty craptastic.

We go see the reunification monument, a giant bahinia flower. Then we make our way back inside to lunch at a place that had a huge queue an hour before.

Stroll in and order a beef satay roll and a pork, shrimp and bean sprout omelette. Yum.
OL has another curry dish.

We hit the clean restrooms and head back to our hotel to go to Tomoko’s.

We get the front desk to write her address in characters. Then we get in a cab and head over. It’s amazing. Gorgeous. Jaw slamming the floor view of water and mountains.

Her son Taizo is adorable and sweet. A fun companion for us.

We catch up on the past decade. Gulp. Has it really been that long?!

We swim in her in ground pool. Then we look at pictures from Beijing circa 1998. Awesome memories.

We meet her husband and share a delicious pork and vegetable dinner. Fun talk about traveling.

Tomoko and her husband share their tips on things to do in Hong Kong. Stanley Street Market. Temple Street night market. Central longest escalator. Maxim’s dimsum in City Hall. Symphony of Lights laser show from Avenue of the Stars. Included driving home on overpass Stubbs Road and not tunnel. Stunning views of city.

Then we grabbed some fried pork cutlet at a Japanese place in Wan Chai since I forgot to take my medication with dinner. Delish squared.

Return to hotel and planned tomorrow in Kowloon.





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  1. berry says:

    Trip of a lifetime.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?