From London to Hong Kong


The alarm rings and I leap out of bed ready to shower. My face is bathed in sweat from our non air conditioned room. Great.

Problem #2: it’s not 7:30 but 5:30. Ouch. So I get back into bed and meditate. Finally pass out and then the alarm goes off a few minutes later.

This time chipper Kour is replaced by cranky clumsy kour. Who cannot wake the hell up.

By the time I’m at breakfast pouring coffee, I’m almost awake. Bounced off an elderly man. Toast with cheese. Yum.

Taxi to airport is only 33 pounds. Half of what we paid to get to hotel. Not cool how taxis ripped us off to get to hotel.

Checked in for flight online yesterday, so check bags with Cathay Pacific, which went uber smoothly. We wandered to the security check out and that went smoothly…for me. OL got the pat down. But he kinda liked it so all good.

The airport has few seats in terminal 3. So we window shopped. I got a British bear from Harrod’s. So cute.

Boarding went fine. Check you in before you get to gate. So we are herded into small room that had to be a fire hazard to wait to board plane.

The plane is a double decker. Wow. Never been on one before. There are 60+ rows. We are in 49. There are 3-4-3 seats per row.

OL is next to Brit named Katherine. I know because her obnoxious three year old brother keeps yelling “Hi Katherine” the entire flight from the row behind me.

Evidently, he just learned how to talk because he won’t shut up the first 2 hours of the flight. Thank God for ear plugs.

Watched Sucker Punch. And didn’t get it. Guess I’ll have to read the wiki summary because I have no idea what was real and what wasn’t. Story sounded cool. But left me befuddled.

Great fight scenes. Quick moving movie. Just don’t quite get what it all meant.

Food was okay. Nice utensils and serving cups. I had diabetic meal which they think means low fat and tasteless. I prefer more fat in my food. It tastes better.

We are 3 hours into flight now. OL is watching a movie. I am tired and going to meditate.

So we passed out for an hour. Until screaming baby woke me up. Bathrooms are lovely on this flight. Routinely cleaned and include hand moisturizer. Heavenly since the soap makes my skin split open a few hours into most flights.

Katherine has continually flirted with OL. I think he likes it because he is being all charmy with her.

Kid finally shut the hell up. Breakfast was omelette. Tasty with salt. More fruit. I added shortbread in too. Everytime it’s hot beverage time, the plane has turbulence and we never get them.

Watched Wizards of Waverly Place and How I Met Your Mother. Then my stupid tv froze up. Took an hour and a half and two requests for them to fix it. But they apologized several times which was uber nice.

Read more of the Stephen King On Writing book. Feel like each pages teaches me something I will need.

OL got a set of six cups during the flight. No flight attendant would take them back.Hysterical.

We are landing in an hour. This was a 10 hour flight. TV helped make it fly by. We land at 6:55 am HK time. Middle of night in London.

Looking forward to another fun immigration experience.



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2 Responses to From London to Hong Kong

  1. Cynthia says:

    How cool that you got a teddy bear from Harrods. I should’ve tried harder to find myself an affordable souvenir from there when I visited London. Stephen King’s On Writing book is great. Glad you were able to pack that with you. Have fun in Hong Kong!

    • I literally bought it at the airport shop on my way out of London. I’m a souvenir hound. Probably paid too much but I wanted him. Enjoying his On Writing. About a third of the way done. Great plane reading. Hong Kong is exceeding all expectations. Amazing city. So much to do and see here. And quite easy to navigate around with my octopus card. 🙂

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