London Tower of Disappointment


OL arrived and we stayed up until 2 am giggling like schoolgirls on sour patch kids. He settled in and the ambulances stopped running by our room around11pm.

Caught up on our cab rides. OL was dropped off at a car service to get here by his cabbie. Found out we both got ripped off on cabs. Oh well what can you do in a foreign city?

Woke up and showered. Breakfast buffet is carb heavy. With some soft cheeses. So OL ate at hotel and Then came with me to JJMoons for a big breakfast of bacon, sausage, Black pudding, hash browns, baked beans, and toast. And a latte.

Afterwards, we headed to the Tower of London, which is about 20 stops way. We go to buy tube tickets and OL tries to help and end up adding two children’s tickets to our purchase.

On tube lots of people watching.

We saw a business man working his man clutch, posing with it against his hip with arm extended to hold on to the overhead pole. We saw an Eddie Munster look alike with a super tight grey bicyclist shirt and bright red basketball shorts. Wow.

By accident ended up on other side of the Thames by London Bridge. We meant to do it because I decided that that tube stop was where the Tower of London was. Oopsy.

Luckily with the day pass, we could jump back on the tube to finally arrive at Tower Hill. Did I mention that we had no street map of London. So when we arrive, we wandered and eyeballed where to go.

Queue up for TOL, split up and wait it out. We get up there and get our tickets. You have to queue up to enter.

Stopped at restrooms and paid 30pence to pee.

Okay so the TOL…was underwhelming. Pretty on the outside and picturesque to wander around, but the inside exhibits are a waste of time and money. We picked the three exhibits the TOL website recommends if you only spend an hour there.

The White Tower was hellaboring. And impossible to exit. Every exit leads to another exhibit.

The Medieval Palace was majestic on the outside. Inside, however, it felt sparsely decorated and well shabby. Minus the chic. This was a palace? I’m not seeing it.

To salvage the visit, we went to see the crown jewels. They were the best part. Cool to see. Not that many on display though. Had to watch movies of the royals in the jewels.

We decided to check out the Beauchamp Tower. Faced with narrow spiral staircases, I dispatched OL to take the pics while I sat outside with the ravens.

Then we wander to the traitor’s gate, which is slightly submerged in neon green water. Ew.

We hit a giftshop and left in search of food.

For 17-19 pounds, i expected way more. This was a 5 pound Dog and pony show.

Nothing nearby so we took the tube to Holborn and had lunch at a lovely Thai place near Museum Row. Hit the oldest occult bookstore in London, the Atlantis Bookshop. Souvenir shopped too.

Then onto Hyde Park, which I decided must be located at the Hyde park corner tube stop. And it was. Lovely park. Beautiful flowers. Nice lake.

Around 4:30, we both feel tired out. Head back and take tube to hotel. On ride, OL leans in to tell me something and bursts out laughing because he finds it so hilarious. At hotel, prepare for Hong Kong flight. OL spends 3 pounds to print our flight info out. OL kills an ant queen.

Dinner at Nando’s chicken place. Peri-peri sauce. Delicious.

Guy at Tesco sees my water bottle and goes Oh My God. Walks way from register and disappears. Like the water bottle seriously disturbed him. OL took it out of packaged group which is totally allowed in Austria but not here evidently. Oopsy.

Return to room and pack for next leg of journey.


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