Newark Airport Bliss


The car picked me up at 2:43 and we reached Newark airport in under 30 minutes. Carmel car service rocks. So well run!

Had a bit of a wait at Continental check in. Nothing too bad. Ten minutes later I realize my bag is 4.5 lbs overweight. No room in back pack. So I pay the fee.

Then onto security. Well first a pit stop at the rest@rooms. Security takes about 20 minutes to clear. Then onto gate 123. And it’s not even 4 pm. I prowl along the gates in search of food. One potential place is Chinese. But what if it’s bad?

I decide to stay loyal to the low carb diet and splurge on a steak and potato at Gallagher’s. I get seated by the window. Nice. Service is a bit slow, but I’m in no hurry.

Left there at 5pm. Sat in the waiting area at gate 120 because my gate has no seats. Not no empty seats. No actual seats.

Watched someone put on mascara in waiting area. Rather weird.

It’s 6:15. Plane boards at 6:35. Excited. Which means another bathroom break before I board. Nervous bladder.

Hope I can sleep on plane. Feeling tired right now. Hope no babies crying beside me. Finally kicked yesterday’s migraine.

Seven plus hours to LDN.

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  1. berry says:

    Long day.

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