Asia Trip–CT to NY


Friday, Dad and Uncle P drove me down to NY…in torrential downpours at rush hour. Guess that was preparation for the monsoons in SE Asia.

We made a mad dash in the rain from and to the car during our pitstop.

Complained about how no one else knows how to drive.

Ended up at Chelsea Market to kill time before meeting cousin A for dinner at Old Homestead.

Love the unfinished feel of Chelsea Market. Can’t believe it was last summer when I was last there with OL. Feels so much longer ago.

Cousin A got out of work and came to meet us for a succulent decant dinner of steaks.

I had the fillet mignon wrapped in apple smoked bacon and truffle baked potato. Delish squared. A had the salmon and baked potato. Dad shared his fried calamari and then had a rack of lamb with mashed potatoes. Uncle P had his prime rib and mashed potatoes.

Each of us enjoyed our meal. Too stuffed for dessert though.

Dinner conversation was fun and fluid. Caught up on each other’s lives.

Then the fathers got in their car and went home. I crashed at Ant’s so I could be fresh for my flight out the next evening.

Had breakfast at Venus diner on 8th avenue. Very good service. Nice waiters. Thanks Ant for introducing me to it!

Then back to apartment to pack for trip. Suitcase is 60lbs which means an overweight fee. Oopsy. But I really need it all. Plan to use stuff up and debloat on trip. May ship stuff home to decrease weight too.

Can’t believe I’m leaving for 49 days. 7 weeks. Every time, mom said it yesterday I burst into tears cause I’m going to miss my dog.

Okay onto the airport.

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  1. berry says:

    Great dog. Don’t u miss mom.

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