Revision & Self Editing–Book Review

James Scott Bell is my hero. An electrifying speaker. I picked up his book at the Writer’s Digest Conference a few months ago. He takes a page-turning, straight-forward approach to revision and self-editing in his book, Revision & Self-Editing.

You forget you’re reading a book because you’d swear he was right there breaking everything down for you. His conversational tone totally won me over.

An accomplished writer, he’s living the dream. In this book, he shares his knowledge on revision. He’s not kidding about providing techniques that transform your first draft into a finished novel.

After each chapter, I felt my brain smoothing out with new insight. By the time I finished his book, I understood what was wrong with my first manuscript.

I applied what I learned to the book I have slaved over for 2 years. A book I knew was complete. A book I’d queried and gotten full requests on.

In four days, I cut 6,000 words.

Mr. Bell gave me the tools I needed to see what wasn’t working in my manuscript. I’m eternally grateful to him.

This is a reference tool that is chock full of useful techniques, concepts, and real life examples to guide me throughout my writing career.

One of my favorites?

The Neil Simon note saying, I can fix it. Which reminds me ANYTHING CAN BE FIXED.

Isn’t that a phenomenal concept? All the bad parts of my novel can be worked out. Once I know they aren’t working. How empowering.

Revision & Self-Editing are tackled separately. The Self-Editing subsections covers such major points in the novel as: Character, POV, Plot & Conflict, Scenes, Dialogue, Show vs. Tell, Setting and Description. The Revision section covers similar points and provides a Revision Checklist.

This book is a must buy for first time and accomplished authors.

If you are going to pick up one book on revision and self editing. THIS IS THE BOOK.

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4 Responses to Revision & Self Editing–Book Review

  1. berry says:

    Good to have. When do we read yours.

  2. berry says:

    Anything can be fixed. You just have to be willing to accept flaws and fix. But that’s easier said than done.

    • And then there’s what I can determine is wrong and what I don’t know is wrong. The second one always bites me in the bum. 🙂 And when I figure out what is wrong, the actual solution can take a while too.

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