The Whorification of the American Girl

Let me start today’s rant with this caveat: I would love to live in a world where people are not judged by how they look or dress. But that is not the world we inhabit.

Walking around the mall, I was baffled by the whorification of the American girl. The complicity of their parents  in the treatment of girls as eye candy blows my mind.

Tweens in daisy dukes with low-cut tanks showing off their almost cleavage. Covering the same as a bikini would. Except they aren’t at the beach. More makeup on their face than Sephora carries in their store.

I get that girls are bombarded with sexy bombshell images via tv, movies, magazines and the internet. That it’s easier to believe that being hot is the most important thing in life.

But parents, why are you letting your daughters look like whores? They are too young to grasp what they are doing. Just check out an episode of 16 and Pregnant. These girls are clueless about ramifications.

It’s one thing to dress sexy in college when you can handle the attention and the response to your looks, but at 10,12, even 15, girls are not mature enough.

They want to look pretty and feel good about themselves. Everyone does. But emulating Beyonce’s skimpy skin tight clothes and Kesha’s barely there clothes is not the way to do it.

Those outfits and ensembles are meant for performers because their career is based around eliciting a response and a reaction.

Hell, throw on as much makeup as you want and dress up in racy clothes at home. But don’t go out looking like a street-walker. It demeans you. It reinforces the stereotype that girls are just accessories for boys.

Because your clothes are broadcasting I am nothing but a pleasure vessel for men. I do not exist for me, but solely for them.

I’m not saying you can’t dress sexy or wear clothes that make you feel pretty. But when you’re 10-16, your parents should be there drawing the line between self-expression and whorification of yourself.

And girls, please, stop and think. Why do I need attention so badly? Why am I dressing so provocatively? ‘Cause I’m betting it’s not self expression, but a need for validation from others.

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2 Responses to The Whorification of the American Girl

  1. berry says:

    Well said. Girls are looking older than they should. Parents wake up. Let kids be kids. Plenty of time to be sexy.

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