Music You Write To

On my first manuscript, I listened to dozens of different CDs as background music while I wrote. Then I revised to Taylor Swift. For some reason she resonated best with my protagonist.

On my second manuscript, which is way darker, I got into a nasty habit. I drafted to Twilight’s Eclipse soundtrack. And only to that one CD. It became a requirement for drafting. Granted I only drafted for an hour or two a day several days a week.

Still, it started to get old and not in an antique-I-cherish sorta way, so I made a mix of dark music from Vampire Diaries and used that for revising. A stop gap measure. But now as I struggle through the last chapter, I am so vomit-in-my-mouth sick of those two CDs.

Sure they capture the spirit of the book for me and help me tap into it. They remind me of the characters’ emotions. But my ears, my precious ears, are begging for a break.

So in my spare time, I listen to anything but that music or anything that reminds me of it.

Where am I going with all this? AH yes, choose wisely and widely when you select music to write your manuscript to. You’ll be listening to it for months on end–drafting and revising to it. Even if you love love love it, you won’t in a year.



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2 Responses to Music You Write To

  1. Cynthia says:

    What a great idea for a post! When I write, I listen to a lot of piano instrumentals and punk rock and some hip-hop as well.

    • Thanks! I did that on the first book–had a great mix of music. Instrumental, pop, etc. But on the second one I got stuck on one CD. And it became the only one that got me in the mindset for the book.

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